Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" suggest that Sally should find love with Carter, but there is someone else who already has a strong connection to the Forrester attorney. Maya Avant and Mr. Walton already have a past relationship and they should have a chance at love again. Ms. Spectra and Carter barely know each other and have nothing in common, but he was once smitten with Lizzie's mom and would make a great stepdad to the little girl. This would give more airtime to the characters, as well as increase the African American presence on the program.

Executive producer Brad Bell should certainly explore this option.

Maya and Carter deserve a chance on 'B&B'

Soap Opera Spy suggests that Carter would be a good catch for Sally but only through the process of elimination. Wyatt is with Flo, and Liam and Thomas are fighting over Hope. Bill and Justin have too much negative history with Ms. Spectra, and Eric and Ridge are married. What the "B&B" spoiler is not taking into consideration, is the fact that Flo is hiding a bigger secret from Wyatt than Sally was. When the baby switch comes to light, the most recent member of the Logan family will be exposed and Wyatt may go back to Sally.

Soap Dirt teases that Liam and Sally may comfort each other over their recent heartbreaks, so there are possibilities for Ms.

Spectra. Carter and Maya, on the other hand, need more air time and neither has other romantic prospects at this time. Initially, Carter was shocked to find out that Ms. Avant was transgender but in time he came around. Having this couple fall in love would be a much-needed change from the same storylines and love triangles that "The Bold and the Beautiful" viewers have endured for decades.

Baby switch rules on 'B&B'

Maya and Carter would be a much-needed diversion from the baby swap that is taking up so much time on "The Bold and the Beautiful". There need to be other storylines that are not so intertwined with Beth and Phoebe. Because Mr. Walton is an attorney, he may be called upon at some point when the legalities are being hashed out related to custody.therwise he only shows up to officiate at weddings.

Maya's character has not been seen much since her cousin Xander came to LA.

It will be interesting to see what takes place between now and November when the baby switch is revealed. There are so many people invested in keeping the secret, and someone will even lose their life. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update what will happen with Maya, Carter, and Sally. Each of these actors, as well as the characters they portray, have so much potential if only Brad Bell would give them a chance. Continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" every weekday afternoon on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.