There was an interesting story going viral recently about a math professor who took care of his student's baby while teaching. I am a strong believer of the 'When there's a will, there's a way' philosophy. When we are strong-willed over something, our surroundings will work it out for us. In fact, this may become one of the oddities in life at a certain level.

At least that's what happened to Wayne Hayer, a student at Morehouse College. When he could not find any babysitter to take care of his baby Assata, he had no other choice but to take her to his class.

Luckily, he has a guardian angel named Nathan Alexander, his own math professor, by his side.

Instead of complaining to him for bringing his baby with him to the class, Nathan casually took Assata over and told him to concentrate on taking notes. Nathan told BuzzFeed News that he indeed was worried that Assata would start crying and that would be a huge problem. Fortunately, Assata was quiet and peaceful throughout the 50-minute class. He continued by saying that he wanted his students to learn about leadership and that Wayne was a perfect example of that.

Wayne's strong will

Wayne Hayer is actually a full-time student and holds two jobs at the same time. This warmed Alexander's heart so much that he told Wayne to let him know if there's anything he could be of help.

And that's exactly what he was with Assata. This story has inspired many people all around the globe. Supportive messages are dedicated to Alexander's willingness to back up his students.

While this has been the best part of the story, I would like to cover another part which people might miss. Wayne's dedication and determination to attend the class no matter what is important.

He did not worry about the potential of getting distracted while learning, nor about possibly being insulted by others for taking his baby to the class. All he had in mind was getting ready for the class and taking the most out of it.

In addition, being a father and working at two different jobs, it would be easier for Wayne to drop school and focus on his career instead.

But that's obviously not what he wants.

The power of the law of attraction

If you have ever read or watched "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, you will understand that there's a law of attraction that works in our universe. I believe that this was what happened in Wayne's case.

It was his strong desire to attend Alexander's math class that affected his own professor who became willing to take care of his baby during the class. If there's a lesson to be learnt from this story, it would be Wayne's strong determination and will to get his goal accomplished. That's what we need to start implementing in our own life, as only those with strength achieve their goals.