Of all the films that Marvel Studios has released over the last decade, "Black Panther" is the one which has had the most impact on the media. Whether it was critics, comic book fans, or black moviegoers, everyone gave the film a stellar review. There is no doubt that "Black Panther" made film history.

It was the first Marvel movie which was nominated for an Oscar and won, according to the New York Times. Not only that, but it was the first black-led superhero film that focused on blackness itself. "Black Panther" fleshed out African culture and the African diaspora better than most films.

In the film, there was not a singular depiction of black people.

Every black character was well developed as were their individual cultures. "Black Panther" was a historic mark for black cinema. It is a black-centric movie which broke box office records and won multiple Oscars. With the success of the film, Wakanda and its King have never been more popular. Thus, now is the time for a video game.

The issue with black protagonists

There have been countless Video Games released over the past few years. Yet, there are very few black main characters. In fact, it might be possible to count the number of black protagonists in a major video on two hands, according to the Guardian. Similar to how the movie helped combat racism in the film industry, a "Black Panther" video game could help combat the lack of black protagonists in video games.

Blackness is the central theme of everything "Black Panther" and Wakanda. A game could have the same focus. In an industry that ignores them, black gamers could finally have a game which is meant for them. This game could celebrate their culture and give them much-needed representation in video games. With this game, characters of African descent could finally be heroes of the story.

Wakanda and 'Black Panther's' potential

There is also potential in a "Black Panther" video game. Imagine the beautiful and technologically advanced world of Wakanda as an open world? There is so much which could possibly be explored. Between the vast cities, the rural plains and the culture, it could be one of the most interesting and immersive open worlds in gaming history.

Then, there is the main character. Black Panther, aka T’challa, one of the most complex characters in all of Marvel comics.

He is not just a superhero, he is also the warrior king of Wakanda. He commands the most powerful and progressive nation in the world and has access to some of the world’s best technology. Not only that, but he is one of the smartest people in the Marvel universe as well as one of its best martial artists. As a video game protagonist, there is a lot which could be done with him.

In terms of action, T’challa could use a combination of gadgets and fighting skills to take down his enemies, like the combat in the "Arkham" series. As the main character, gamers could witness his struggles as a king.

He is also the leader of armies and the Dora Milaje, which he could possibly go on missions with for side quests. There is simply way too much potential in a video game for it to not be developed.

This is a perfect time

With the film and the recent push for "Black Panther" comics at Marvel, Wakanda has never been more popular than now. If there was any time for a "Black Panther" video game, now is the time. A video game could capitalize on the surge of popularity of the character and add to the mythology, like how the "Arkham" series did for "Batman" and PS4’S "Spider-man" did to Peter Parker. There is no doubt that a game would break sales records.

Hopefully, a video game studio realizes how promising a Black Panther game would be. Black nerds everywhere deserve to play as their favorite king of Wakanda.