Video Games and the holidays go hand in hand. December is the coveted time of release for major franchises such as "Call of Duty" and "Smash Bros." It's also likely that gamers of many shapes and sizes can remember when they discovered a beloved title or console underneath the tree on Christmas morn.

In celebration of the holiday season, here's a list of the best levels in gaming to put players in the holly jolly mood.

5. World of Chaos ('Bayonetta 2')

There is more madness and over the top action in the prologue to "Bayonetta 2" than the entirety of most games.

After a cold opening with a giant monster, the following scene has the aforementioned witch and her long-suffering lackey Enzo shopping for presents. It's not too long before angels show up with a jet and Bayonetta ensures her spot on the naughty list by dispatching them in her trademark style. Rodin even shows up appropriately dressed to "deliver some holiday cheer."

4. Alton Plaza ('Snatcher')

Hideo Kojima's graphic adventure, "Snatcher," is a cyberpunk noir mystery that takes place during the Christmas season. Even as killer robots run amok and take on the forms of their victims, the city of Neo Kobe still finds the time to bask in the holiday cheer.

The shopping center of the city, Alton Plaza, is crowded with people buying gifts for their loved ones while Jingle Bells plays in the background.

To top it off, one of Gillian's informants meets him there in a Santa outfit.

3. Ice Station Santa ('Sam & Max')

When a giant robot tries to bump off Sam & Max, they find out that it was sent to them from the North Pole. Turns out that Santa Claus has gone berserk and it's up to the freelance police to find out what's happened and save Christmas.

When they arrive at the workshop, the elves hint to the duo that demonic possession may have played a part in their boss' considerable un-jolly demeanor.

With a gun-toting St. Nick, a version of Tiny Tim who's diagnosed with terminal Tourette's, and a musical number called 'The Happy Friendly Demon Song,' "Ice Station Santa" takes twisted glee in lampooning beloved holiday figures and stories.

2. Freezeezy Peak ('Banjo Kazooie')

In the sixth floor of Gruntilda's castle, Banjo and Kazooie uncover Freezeezy Peak- the snowbound land filled with hostile snowmen, talking Christmas lights, and a giant pine tree with a star on top.

The festive spirit is all around as the bear and bird are tasked with collecting presents for a family of polar bears and helping the lights make their way to the tree. If scaling a giant snowman, sliding down in the snow, and exploring the inside of a Christmas tree isn't enough to take the Scrooge out of you, then maybe the number one spot can.

1. Christmas Nights ('Nights into Dreams')

"Christmas Nights" is a holiday-themed expansion to "Nights into Dreams" that came bundled with issues of Sega Saturn Magazine.

In it, Claris and Elliot are tasked with restoring the star to the Christmas tree in the Twin Seeds tower. The Valley Springs level from the original game is given a festive makeover where orbs are replaced with bells, Ideya have Christmas trees on them, and rings are decorated with wreaths.

In the original Saturn release, players could unlock the ability to play as Sonic the Hedgehog and defeat a version of Dr. Robotnik dressed as Santa Claus. The HD re-release of "Nights" contained the Christmas levels as an unlockable bonus but omitted the ability to play as Sonic. Regardless, everything else about the expansion is left intact. If you haven't already made this a yearly tradition, the HD version is still available on Steam.