People can say a lot of things about Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian-West. Sometimes these are kind and not so nice at other times, but slamming the power couple for making use of privatized firefighting efforts seems like displaced anger. The duo did what many people would do the same if the price was no object and if the effect would mean also sparing neighbors the devastation of losing their valuables and their homes.

When Business Insider reported that “people are outraged,” the publication also noted that Kanye and Kim are not alone in making use of privatized resources.

The practice is more common than many people are either aware of or have been previously informed.

Insurance companies provide for resources

A growing number of insurance companies are making firefighting services available within their policies. High-end clients usually have rather costly property. The losses would otherwise toll far more than the cost of providing firefighting and additional services in situations such as the Woolsey fire.

Huffington Post made it rather clear that resources for combating California’s fires are strained. The estimated number of people who are declared “missing” is “at least” 600 people – in addition to the 66 people who are known to be dead.

Wealthy people are paying for the services provided

On the surface, it would seem that people have a legitimate basis for complaining about what appears to be preferential treatment and services afforded to folks who are wealthy. The problem with looking at the situation superficially, though, negates the fact that individuals and companies are also footing the bill for the privatized services.

Public resources not consumed by the well-to-do

The effect of making use of the private resources when available is that public resources are not consumed by the wealthy, but dedicated and directed toward helping everyone who does not have insurance with built-in services that are put to use during times of calamity, according to the Huffington Post.

The Wests’ fire service also benefited neighbors

Kanye’s and Kim’s multi-million dollar mansion in Hidden Hills was not the only property to benefit as the result of a private firefighting team and its efforts. Their neighbors’ homes were also saved from the fire’s potential destruction.

The couple does not have firefighters on “speed dial.” They do, however, pay a lot for a fire insurance policy, which includes the service that saved homes in their neighborhood. Privatization of firefighting actually goes back to the 1800s, the Huffington Post reported.

“First responders to put out a fire were the ones rewarded by the insurance companies.”

Fire services were not tied up at the couple’s mansion

Approximately 100,000 acres have burned in the Woolsey fire. Add to tolling damage the thousands of people who now have no home and the people who lost their lives. That the Wests have insurance and services that do not contribute to the burden on resources is not something to feel anger about. Maybe the reason people are angry is that they feel that their home was not being saved because fire services were tied up at their mansion.

Reality star Camille Grammer is one of the celebrities whose Malibu home suffered damage in the Woolsey fire. Be sure to follow Blasting News for the latest information.