According to popular consensus, Ryanair didn't appropriately handle a recent, racially-charged situation onboard its flight from Barcelona, Spain to London, England.

If racism doesn't exist, what's this?

The Washington Post reports that the incident happened on Ryanair flight FR9015, October 19. An elderly woman, 77-year-old Delsie Gayle, had not long sat in her seat before a man, on the same row, began a racist tirade against her.

From the video, you hear him clearly refusing to sit near the elderly black woman. He then called her what seemed to be any and every name he could think up at that moment, including an "ugly, Black b*****d."

As his racist rant continued, he even threatened to remove the woman from the seat, himself.

"I'll tell you this," the man argued, "if you don't go to another seat, I'll put you to another seat."

If you're interested in the footage, check the video below.

The video was reportedly recorded by David Lawrence, a Ryanair passenger seated in seat 22F. During a phone interview with Washington Post, Lawrence described it as follows:

"I heard this man shouting at this woman, saying, You’re in my way. Get out! I don’t want you here next to me! I couldn’t believe what I heard."

That's when he pulled out his phone and began filming the racist incident.

As can be seen from the video, another woman came to the elderly victim's defense. According to the report, this was the woman's daughter, who was seated near the back of the plane.

Eventually, the Ryanair flight attendant asked the victim if she'd like to sit somewhere else - instead of kicking the racist man off the flight. According to Lawrence, the flight hadn't taken off yet and passengers were still boarding.

"I thought the flight attendant was going to call someone and escort the man off the flight," Lawrence told the source.

"They moved the woman instead of moving him. That was shocking to me."

Racist silence is deafening

According to Lawrence, another thing bothering him about the entire ordeal was all of the other passengers around the man who sat by in silence, allowing his rant to continue.

"It was just so disturbing," Lawrence mentioned during his phone interview. "Because there was no response from the other passengers on the flight at the time, I thought, Okay, well, somebody needs to know what happened here. That’s why I kept the video running and captured as much as I could."

Honestly, how many times have blacks been kicked off flights for senseless "offenses," while being deemed as threats in obvious, non-threatening situations? Several instances arise from a simple "Black man kicked off flight" Google search.

By this example, how can people steadily dismiss such blatant racism, practically ignoring its existence with insensitive statements like, "If you ignore it, it will go away"?

Since when has that ever worked for anything at all?

If you cut yourself with a rusted knife and ignore the wound, will it simply heal itself without infection? Come on, people. Common sense has to come into play eventually.

According to an exclusive with ITV News, Gayle says she's "depressed" over the incident.

All in all, what are your thoughts about this situation? If you thought this story was interesting, feel free to share it.

This topic doesn't need to be swept underneath the rug of ignorance any longer.