The massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida rapidly turned from a gut-wrenching tragedy to a bowl churching farce as the anti-Second Amendment people pounced in the usual way they do to demand “common sense gun laws.” The twist this time is that a kind of contrived Children’s Crusade has been started that features classroom walkouts, demonstrations, die-ins, and an atrocity of a CNN town hall meeting where PTSD-addled children were allowed to yell invectives to adults.

The CNN anti-gun one hour hate

A lot has already been written about the atrocity that CNN aired that showed angry teenagers yelling at Sen.

Marco Rubio, R-Florida, and Dana Loesch, a radio talk show host who is a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association. Host Jake Tapper covered himself in ignominy when he allowed some of the student participants to be abusive to some of the adults. We have also already heard multiple accusations that some of the questions were scripted, which CNN has fervently denied.

The next day Loesch explained how she barely made it out of the venue alive with an armed security detail. Then we saw the hypocrisy of Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel whose department failed the students, teachers, and staff so miserably on multiple levels.

When danger reared its ugly head, they bravely cowered in dread

While Sheriff Israel lambasted Dana Loesch for being associated with the NRA, he did so in the secure knowledge of what cowards he had working for him as deputies.

The most shocking revelation of the massacre came when news that four deputies hid behind their vehicles while Nicolas Cruz was using the high school as a shooting gallery. Armed and trained law enforcement were too afraid to confront the shooter while unarmed people were shielding others with their bodies.

My character will never pick up an assault rifle again

A gun controversy will not be complete without some silliness from Hollywood. In this case, the awe-inspiring idiocy came courtesy of Megan Boone, who plays an on again off again FBI agent in the hit TV series “The Blacklist.” She vowed on Twitter that her character will never pick up an assault rifle ever again.

Her partner in mayhem, a master criminal; played by the excellent James Spader, will presumably continue to murder his enemies with whatever weapons he pleases.

You don’t deserve courtesy, you blood-soaked baby killers

Finally, we have the opinion piece by Washington Post writer E.J. Dionne, which complains that the anti-Second Amendment people are not getting the courtesy that is due to them from the gun rights side. On the other hand, when you get blamed for school shootings just because you want to keep your AR-15, you tend to react badly, especially on Twitter, that sewer of disrespect and acrimony.

The bottom line

After the sound and fury are over, a number of things will happen. Gun sales, which have been in a slump since the election of Donald Trump, will go through the roof. The NRA will receive a surge in new membership. The Republicans will not be swept away in the mid-term elections. Few if any “common sense” gun laws will be enacted. The controversy will die down until the next mass killing.