Vince Vaughn was arrested for DUI. According to NY Daily News, the actor was arrested Sunday (June 10) in the early hours of the morning and this was confirmed by Manhatten Beach law enforcement. Vince was driving with a passenger in the car when he was arrested for public intoxication. Vaughn resisted arrest. He was later released from jail on bail, Variety reported. They also added that this the first time the "Wedding Crashers" star has been caught up in a drink-driving incident.

DUI bail set at $5000.00

The cost of the bail for the DUI charge was $5,000.

According to the article by New York Daily News, "Vaughn and his passenger wouldn't budge at first when cops asked them to get out of the car." The police stopped them at a checkpoint late at night.

Vince Vaughn's previous brush with the law

The star was previously arrested back in 2001 after a bar fight with another actor named Steve Buscemi. During that incident, he suffered some injuries. He was in the area shooting for a movie and was arrested for the assault, however, the charges were later dropped.

It is unfortunate to see that another celebrity has been struck with a DUI as driving under that condition can be pretty lethal. Being charged with that is never a good thing. Nobody should be driving while heavily intoxicated because anything bad can happen to them or another individual.

There are so many affordable and accessible ways to get around without having to drive drunk. It's very easy to call a taxi or use Uber or Lyft. Friends could be called in to act as a sober driver. A designated driver should always be used as well in these instances.

People have already been poking fun at the fact that Vaughn is smiling in his mug shot, on social media.

Impressive resume and actor

Vince Vaughn is known for starring and excelling in comical roles in his films and is an impressive all-around actor.

His resume includes many hilarious roles in "Wedding Crashers," alongside another great actor, Owen Wilson. He was in "The Break-Up," featuring Jennifer Aniston, and "The Internship" with Wilson yet again. There are just too many great movies to count with Vaughn in the cast.

The comedian has been on a hiatus as Variety reports that his latest film was in last year's "Brawl in Cell Block 99." "He can be seen in the second season of HBO's "True Detective" as Frank Semyon," and will also appear in upcoming WWE biopic "Fighting With My Family."