CNN and Facebook have taken extreme aims at attacking Donald Trump and other conservatives. Watching CNN for a few minutes is like watching a Democratic advertisement. The stories are about the trouble Donald Trump is bringing to America.

It started with the Russian dossier. Actually, they are still talking about it, even though the Congress has completed their investigation. Robert Mueller has not concluded his investigation so CNN is still reporting on that story.

Now we have Stormy Daniels and her affair with Donald Trump. This happened before Donald Trump became president.

This is irrelevant and should not be newsworthy every day.


Michael Aventatti has appeared on CNN fifty-nine times March 7 to April 30. Nineteen of those appearances were on Anderson Cooper's show, who also interviewed Stormy Daniels on 60 minutes. If this average is maintained he will appear 327 times this year on the network.

Adam Schiff's appearances on CNN decreased to ten during the same period. The previous two months he appeared a total of seventeen times. Adam Schiff is well known for his anti-Trump rhetoric.

A total of sixty-nine appearances on CNN against Trump. No democratic controversies during that time to garner more appearances about Democrats. If you watch a highlight film of CNN during this time, President Trump would be the worst person and president in the history of the United States.

CNN, during this same period, interviewed Republican senators a total of 34 times. A total that is less than half of those against Donald Trump. These statistics are courtesy of MrcNewsBusters website.


Facebook is even worse than CNN. New algorithms took effect after the first of the year. These algorithms were put in place to guard against fake news.

Liberal publishers saw an increase of two percent while conservative view dropped fourteen percent.

For example, according to The Gateway Pundit website, Breitbart News was the most influential conservative site during the election. They had a total 3.8 million Facebook likes in February of 2017. After the algorithms took effect, they lost twenty-five percent of their Facebook audience.

That equates to a total of 950,000 lost viewers for Breitbart News.

Independent Journal Review is another casualty of Facebook's war on fake news. They had 32.4 million unique monthly visitors and 20 million Facebook fans. By March 2018, Independent Journal Review's future is in doubt. They run a skeleton crew now and possibly out of business in the near future. The algorithm told Facebook to “shadow ban and blacklist this website according to The Gateway Pundit.

It is clear from the evidence presented by The Gateway Pundit that there is a bias in Facebook's new algorithms. Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement that they will increase the incidences of censorship. This is to avoid the so-called Russian influence on the next election.

At the current pace, there will be no conservative sites left on Facebook.

America has become a place where either the government or big business make all our decisions. Everybody in charge thinks we cannot make our own decisions. Somehow they are smarter than the average American. This sort of censorship minimizes the information that we receive and prohibits people from making informed decisions.

Censorship is a form of propaganda. They are forcing a certain viewpoint and ignoring other points of view. We need all the information, so we can make informed decisions and decide what is right or wrong. The algorithms need to stop and biased reporting on the airwaves.

Americans should not have to peruse the internet to be better informed.

The internet should be used to further the knowledge that is reported in the news. Right now, you cannot believe anything reported, and you must become your own reporter. The only way to overcome deceit and censorship is to advance your knowledge.

The information is there, and we must demand that it is given to us uncensored. That knowledge will help us develop our own opinions. Those opinions will then open our eyes to rid the world of the deceit and make America better and more prosperous.