Many women tend to steer away from the granny pantie isle in the store because they are not very often the sexiest choice, but they are one of the most comfortable choices. Wearing full sized panties has apparently shown to help many women health wise by feeling relaxed due to them being so comfortable when they are being worn. Due to being at ease, self-confidence goes up, and next, the women start feeling better about themselves.

Full-sized panties are the most preferred for 2018

Many people claim they chose the thong pantie due to not wanting any pantie lines, but let’s face it, it is as clear as day you are wearing a thong just as it is full-sized panties.

If you would rather lose the pantie lines, leave the panties at home or go buy some seamless panties.

This panty trend is quite popular amongst celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Mindy Kaling, Anna Faris, Kim Kardashian, and it should not be much of a shocker to know even Miley Cyrus had taken to the stage showing off her full-sized panties. Calvin Klein and Dior and Agent Provocateur have even started producing their own styles of granny panties.They want in on this growing trend as well.

Bye-bye thong panties

While many prefer a thong pantie regardless of the reason, the granny pantie trend has been rising since 2015. The reasoning behind this is because women are able to feel more relaxed instead of having to worry about which way the strings go or having to pull them out of the wrong places.

Approximately three million females wear thong underwear, but financial statements from stores across the United States are showing that hipster and high-waisted panties were in higher demand than Thongs. Bikini cut panties were the popular brand selling over $708 million dollars’ worth in just 2017. The crazier part of this is that the high-cut briefs demand has doubled over the past two years.

Jan Snodgrass informed Fashionista “we’re seeing sales of thongs softening, but there is an interesting increase in boyleg and fuller coverage panties.”

If you have the perfect rear end for a thong pantie like Cher or just prefer to wear them instead of a full-sized pantie, that is your choice. Be yourself and wear whatever you want.

People need to feel comfortable being themselves and feel relaxed about doing so. Full-sized panties are not the only new trend but even bralletes and sports bras have started to boost in sales. It is all about being comfortable in today's daily life.