A Republican Congresswoman attempts to explain what's causing the high numbers of school shootings, Reuters reported. Diane Black, who is currently running for governor in Tennessee, has stated pornography is the "root cause" of school shootings. Black claimed exposure to violent material is the key factor in triggering violent behaviors in children and teenagers.

"Pornography... is available without parental guidance," Black said, according to The Independent. The congresswoman believes that because pornography is available and easily accessible, it is encouraging the youth to act out against their parents.

However, Black has not clearly cited anything specific about pornography as the determining issue.

The Washington Post explained how the science behind watching porn and its effects on young viewers has not been thoroughly settled yet. According to the Washington Post, some studies "show a link between pornography and a myriad of sexual, mental and emotional problems." And there are studies that claim to show porn-watching actually helps people’s relationships.

NRA says guns aren't the issue; abortions are

According to The Washington Post, Black referred to mental illness as something that needs to be addressed. She also said family deterioration and violence in Movies are root causes of school shootings.

Black isn't the only conservative who is blaming other issues for gun violence. CNN reported that Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick blames abortion and video games for school shootings. The Independent UK wrote that some conservatives and the NRA point to "the a lack of religion, inadequate control of entry into schools, and even the act of going to school itself."

Since most school shootings have been caused by males, how are abortions the issue?

Men will never have to get an abortion.

Is a lack of religion the problem? Probably not. According to ABC News, a 14-year-old student shot one of her classmates at a parochial school. Also, conservatives don't seem hesitant to blame religion for school shootings when it's not Christianity or Catholicism.

Countless studies show the difference between causation and correlation regarding violent video games and gun violence.

Video games and gun violence are correlated, but video games are not the cause.

Surprise: guns are the issue

Conservatives seem to not see the one main thing that ties school shootings together: guns. Vermont signed new laws enforcing gun restrictions in April, which are proving to be successful thus far. The extreme risk protection order even helped prevent a potential school shooting.

Why aren't more states -- or for that matter, all states -- enforcing stricter background checks and age restrictions?

It's sad to wonder just how many more children will have to lose their lives before conservatives and the NRA understand that our laws need to change.