Neurodivergence is variation in neurocognitive function in the brain. The term covers those who, for biological reasons, think slightly differently. That may include someone who has autism, someone who has ADHD, as well as many other neurocognitive differences.

As someone who is neurodivergent, I am well aware of the stresses and worries that any kind of Travel can bring. In some situations, even going to an unfamiliar supermarket can send the mind racing. So you can only imagine the mayhem that goes on upstairs when it comes to travelling abroad.

However, over time, I have developed a few ways of coping and making any kind of travel a bit more bearable.

Here are 5 quick travel tips to help you relax on your trip abroad.

1. Plan, plan, and plan some more

From my personal experience, planning helps me relax a lot more. I know when to expect certain situations to arise and that helps me deal with them a little better. This is especially helpful when it comes to situations where I may have to socially interact, such as airport security or ordering drinks on a flight.

Yes, it is still possible for a flight to be delayed, but it isn't always possible to control everything. So do your best to be organized and a lot of the trip should fall into place.

2. Bring a companion

Sometimes new situations, especially those that are constantly changing, can become overwhelming. However, this can be combated by an understanding travel companion. When I travel, I try to always go with my outgoing, bubbly friends. That way, they can do the majority of the social side of things, whilst I do the planning aspect which they find boring anyway.

A travel companion can take a lot of the weight and worry off your shoulders. They can also help to take your mind off the situation entirely.

3. Take your time

This applies to any travel really. If you get to the airport or ferry early, then you can take your time and check out the environment. Giving yourself time to adjust will help and it will ensure that you are less overwhelmed as you go through the various processes of boarding.

This also goes hand in hand with planning. I always try to find maps of where I am going beforehand. If there is time to check the place out, it helps me feel much more comfortable.

4. Utilize your neurodivergency

Some neurodivergents may find the journey itself the most challenging part of a trip abroad. The amount of people on a plane or the noise of the engine, among many other things, can be the cause of panic.

However, many neurodivergents also have the useful attribute of an intense passion. This passion is a great thing to utilize in this situation, as it can help to take your mind away from any stress you are under. Embracing your passion and your differences can make your journey easier.

5. Accept the unexpected

There is a tendency to want to control the world around you as a neurodivergent. However, no matter how much you plan, it isn't possible to control everything. When travelling, it is especially important to accept this. Many of the environments you will be in, will be completely unknown and you will rarely know what is going to happen next. Despite this, if you can accept the fact that things are out of your control, it may actually help you feel far more in control.