Not everyone is given the privilege to travel to different places through the air, so whether it is for business, travel, or any other purposes, riding inside an airplane is definitely an experience worth anticipating and worth remembering. However, not everyone who rides on a plane conducts themselves in a civil manner. Just like anywhere on the ground, bad behavior does happen, even at 36,000 feet in the air. Even CNN takes bad behavior on Flights seriously, to the point that through a poll they identified over 20 instances of irritating behavior by passengers.

Here are some examples of bad behavior that people have experienced whilst flying on planes.

Using loudspeakers while watching a movie or listening to a music

Air travel, especially long haul flights, can be quite dull especially when a passenger is riding all alone. But, some of the most effective ways to bring life to trips is through listening to music or watching a movie of their choice.

However, some passengers possibly forget the fact that they are not on a private jet where there are no other people aside from themselves. While other passengers try to keep their flights serene, some of their co-passengers tend to listen to hard core music or watch the movies through speakers and at a volume that is set to maximum decibels.

Not doing anything while their child is screaming

Babies should not be held liable for their poop and discomfort during flights, as that behavior is actually normal for their age. However, what is not acceptable is when their adult companions do not do anything to stop the babies from crying. It is actually annoying for other passengers especially when the adult companion exerts no effort to comfort the baby to help them stay calm and at ease during the flight.

Kicking the seat of the person in front of them

If you think kicking seats in movie houses is the worst, then you are probably wrong. When you are traveling in an airplane and the passenger behind you is kicking, pulling, pushing or moving the back of your seat, your entire flight is definitely doomed. This is also one of the major causes of fights while the airplane is up in the air.

Even if the space between every line of seats is too narrow, do remember that other passengers also have the same sized the seat as yours.

Literally littering everywhere

This type of behavior by passengers defines just how terribly humans can behave. If you are riding on public transport, you need to respect other passengers the same way you would like them to respect you in return. Throwing your bag of your chips or empty bottles and cans everywhere is the behavior of an irresponsible passenger.