Rachel Maddow is a reporter for MSNBC. MSNBC is a news network that rivals CNN and Fox News. Unfortunately, Maddow forgot she was supposed to report the news. Instead, she feels the need to inject her personal opinions in her broadcasts. Since Donald Trump started his campaign, he has been complaining of fake news. One time he even joked that CNN was the Clinton News Network. It seems that all the cable news networks forget what they are supposed to do on a daily basis. They are supposed to report the news, period. There is a place for opinions called editorials.

The local news used to run editorials, usually done by the station manager at the end of the broadcasts. They were clear when broadcasting opinion pieces or editorials. It was a separate segment of the broadcast.

Syria according to Maddow

Rachel Maddow reported the announcement of President Trump taking action against Syria. She started a rant almost immediately after the announcement video stopped. Maddow stopped for a second, stating, “that this is not personal.” If it is not personal, then it must be news. Rachel Maddow could not wait to tell her opinion about the reaction of other countries in the world. She should have waited until later in the show before voicing her displeasure. This is the YouTube video of her rant below.

On the website, The Wrap, they reported this quote spoken by Maddow, “Even if the tail is wagging the dog, even if you give the President every benefit of the doubt, even if this decision was taken with absolutely no regard for whatever else is going on in the President's life right now unavoidably creates a real perception around the globe that, that may have been a part of the motivation.” The only way for her to have known the thought process of Trump and his cabinet in this decision to strike Syria is if she was present in the cabinet room.

Trump made this decision based upon proof that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons against their own people. Maddow is making the argument that Trump bombed Syria to misdirect the press from his scandalous presidency. She contradicts her own argument by bringing up Trump's scandals anyway. If that was the only reason behind bombing Syria, then Trump needs to rethink his strategy.

America's outcry

James Morrison commented on YouTube, “You know what Rachel...? You are a total joke. Listening to your rubbish truly makes me sick. I am not going to get into my reasoning; anybody with a sense of honor and an understanding knows why. You are disgusting. You make MSNBC look so bad. So so very bad."

Magnus Martel wrote on YouTube the following comment, “Come off it Rachel, of course it's personal, and of course it's political. You have been totally consumed with this stuff since election night, when you acted as if you were personally slighted because you didn't get the result you wanted. You act like Trump personally defeated you in the election.[sic]”

These are only a few of the comments on her YouTube video of her rant.

Surprisingly there are only a few dissenters on her rant. Most are positive comments saying she did a good job and spoke the truth. I agree with Magnus Martel because she did start her rantings the night President Trump was elected. She will not back off until we get another globalist pawn in office.

Rachel needs to report the news and announce when she is going on a personal rant. The comments she made were personal and not factual. The last thing we need to do at the moment is to give ammunition to the enemies of the United States. If she wants to give her opinion on air, then she needs to state that it is my opinion. She acted like her opinions were news and she was reporting the truth. She was not reporting the truth unless, as stated earlier, she was actually in the cabinet.

helping make the decision to attack Syria.

Biased reporting has no business being on the airwaves and passed as real news. Rachel Maddow needs to be replaced as she has lost her integrity. This is unfortunate given that she was a true American fighting for justice when she began reporting. Somewhere, her views changed and she became the reporter she is today. Here is an example below of how she used to report.

Rachel Maddow, in that video, is fighting for justice for the American people and the United States Constitution. If you are going report and report an op-ed piece then you need to back it up with facts and figures. She cannot continue to produce fake news, which is her opinion stated as fact. Report and defend the United States Constitution and support the troops that fight and defend your right to your opinion.