Since 2013 with its first original show, "House of Cards," Netflix has been picking up steam, creating more and more of their own content. These shows are highly underrated because they don't debut on television so they don't get as much ad space and popularity. Netflix has made a name for itself having content most people want to watch, but some of it can be very niche. Not in any specific order, these 8 shows should be added to your list as soon as possible.

1.'Santa Clarita Diet'

"Santa Clarita Diet" is a story about a couple of realtors living a quiet life when one day, the wife -- played by Drew Barrymore --turns into a zombie.

Her husband and daughter help her work through her cravings for human flesh and murder all while making ends meet and trying to keep any sense of normalcy they can. The show just released season 2 and totals 20 episodes altogether. This show made my list because it is different than your regular zombie shows. This zombie has a personality and feelings, and unlike "Warm Bodies," it's not just another love story, it's life.

2. 'Nailed It'

"Nailed it" is a reality TV show that is IRL Pinterest fails. Have you ever sat and scrolled through magnificent baked goods and their mediocre counterparts, but felt like something was missing?

With only 6 episodes, and more in the making, this show captivates the audience with hunky crew members and famous chef guest judges. This show is easily binge-able in one night and can be used as either background noise or engaging content.

3. 'Anne With An E'

"Anne with an E" is an adaption of the 1908 book series "Anne of Green Gables" by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

It was also made into a movie in 1985. Staring Amybeth McNulty, this 7 episode series is expecting the next season in 2018. If you grew up reading the books like I did, hoping to whisk yourself away to the beautiful landscapes of Prince Edward Island, this show will not disappoint. Following the young orphan Anne on her rocky journey with her new family, you can see her grow and learn.

The language is flowery and quotable and makes you wish you had Anne's imagination.

4. 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

Coffee, cars and laughs all around, this is another reality show that easily makes the list. Even if you don't care about cars, you've probably grown up seeing these comics on your TV screen. Jerry Seinfeld chooses a car for each of the comedians and they go get coffee and reminisce, catch up and tell jokes. With this show you can really learn a lot from the people who influenced so much of comedy today.

Previously a web series started in 2012, Netflix picked it up and is continuing the series. Instead of the seasons, Netflix decided to divvy up the episodes into four categories: First Cup, Light and Sweet, Just Made a Fresh Pot, and Late Night Espresso.

5. 'Grace and Frankie'

Grace And Frankie are two retired women who just had the news broken to them -- their husbands are gay and are in a relationship with each other. The uptight alcoholic and fun-loving hippie live together to work through their feelings and carry on with their lives. After a rocky start, the two learn to love each other and become best friends after disliking each other most of the time they were married to their husbands.

This show has 4 seasons and tests the boundaries of being older and single.

6. 'Atypical'

18-year-old Sam is on the autism spectrum and wants to get a girlfriend. This decision changes things for his whole family as they adapt and change with him as they discover new limits. This show really shows the truth behind autism and that some people are on a more functioning side of the spectrum, but the disorder is still a part of their everyday lives. You can see through Sam's perspective and really change how you think about others. With only one season currently on Netflix, the 8 episode series is expecting their second season this year.

7. 'Big Mouth'

10 episodes of this animated series shows "the truth" behind puberty and your hormones. Following 5 middle school-aged kids, "Big Mouth" explains that sexual feelings are normal when you're growing up and that we all even have hormone monsters, literal or figurative. Easily binge-able in one night, you'll be sure to laugh the entire time relating to the kids and even learning that you wern't alone during the rough adolescent years. I would recommend this show to pre-teens, even if it may seem a bit crass, because it's honest information that could save you an awkward conversation and help them realize puberty can be okay to laugh about.

8. 'Bill Nye Saves The World'

If you watched "bill nye the Science Guy" in science class growing up, you know the value behind this treasured member of society.

No nonsense Bill Nye gives it to you straight in this updated version of his old show. 2 seasons on Netflix and many to come, he explains that science is cool. Bill takes topics like Artificial Intelligence and climate change, which are things millenials are talking about, and explains how they affect us. He's grown and changed right along with us and will continue to show us the truth.