Parkland set a tone for generations to come. The survivors want change. They want to go to school, learn, and be safe -- not gunned down by some lunatic. Since they have spoken up, there has been major controversy. The issue is people understanding the difference between Gun Control and a Gun Ban. To these kids that are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, I applaud you. You should never stifle your voice because someone doesn't agree with you. I hope we can clear up what the difference between gun control and a gun ban is.

Gun control

Parkland hit hard in Florida which led to many movements.

The survivors of Parkland demand to be heard and have started to make our government implement some gun control. The first change to be made after Parkland was in Oregon in which the bill passed on February 22 banning people convicted of stalking or domestic violence, or under a restraining order, from purchasing or owning any guns or ammunition. The bill was signed into law by the state’s governor, Kate Brown, on March 5. This is just one example of the laws implemented for gun control.

Another bill that was passed included a few of gun law reforms, such as a mandatory three-day waiting period to purchase a gun, and one in my opinion that should have always been a law is raising the age to purchase a rifle to 21 years old.

One more bill that was passed was in Washington where Governor Jay Inslee signed a bill on March 6 banning the sale and use of all bump stocks. This is what was used in the Vegas mass shooting in October of 2017. This is gun control, along with any law passed to make it that much harder for any mentally ill, minor, or unfit person to obtain a gun.

Gun control does not take guns away, it makes it harder for you to purchase one. If you are a law-abiding citizen then why wouldn't you be all for making it more difficult?

Gun ban

A gun ban is very different than gun control. A gun ban would most certainly infringe on our second amendment rights. If you look up the definition of ban it reads, and I quote, "To prohibit (an action) or forbid the use of (something), especially by official decree." Our government would simply stop selling all guns and prohibit their use amongst civilians.

You would have to give up all your guns by law if a gun ban were imposed. Our government has not done so and will not because of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was set for our protection, and allows us to bear arms. So for those of you up in arms (pun intended) about a gun ban, this is not what most people want. I say most because of course there are some people who are trying to fight for a ban. Our Second Amendment will not allow that to happen.

We should be coming together as a nation on this issue, not separating and having conversations that are belittling to both sides, but beneficial for safety. Our children are our future and that is an investment I am not willing to risk. What about you?