Every month, there are many things that we can bring awareness to. There are many things that April is dedicated to which include autism, diabetes, foot health, and occupational therapy. While we are bringing awareness to these topics, it is important to bring awareness to alcoholism.

There are so many people in this world today that struggle with alcohol. It is hard for someone to go and tell someone that they need help because they feel like they do not have a problem. This really hits home for me because I have seen many people, including Friends And Family, struggle with alcohol and they struggle to admit that they have an addiction.

It is very sad when you see someone that you love become so addicted to alcohol that you do not even know who they are anymore, or how to talk to them.

Alcohol awareness month was first brought up and founded by the NCADD in 1987. The purpose of there being awareness is to help reduce the stigma of people becoming addicted to alcohol. In addition, the organization helps with having communities reach out to the American public with information about alcoholism and recovery.

What is alcoholism?

To define alcoholism, alcoholism is a chronic, progressive disease which can be fatal if it is untreated. When someone has alcoholism, they can have a strong need to drink and not being able to stop drinking once they have started.

In addition, when someone is not drinking for a Period Of Time, they start to have withdrawal symptoms and they drink alcohol to feel the same effect that they feel when sober. When someone has an alcohol addiction, it can cause a lot of problems in your home, in the workplace, and even in school. It can put you in dangerous situations and can lead to legal and social problems.

Besides alcoholism, a common problem that people may have is binge drinking. What it means to binge drink is to drink a lot of alcohol in a short period of time. For men, it is drinking five or more drinks in two hours. For women, it is drinking four or more drinks in two hours. Having too much alcohol is dangerous and when you drink for a long time, it can increase the risks for certain cancers, including liver cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancer.

In addition to that, drinking can cause damage to the liver, brain, and other organs. If someone is pregnant and drinking, alcohol can harm the baby. Alcohol can increase the risk of death from car crashes, injuries, homicide, and suicide.

How we should raise awareness

As we go into this month, we should raise awareness of alcoholism and the effects that it has on us if we go too far with drinking. In addition to that, many people who have witnessed a friend or a family member struggle with drinking have an effect on it as well because they have to see you so lost and out of this world. Raising Awareness will not just help stop the stigma but it will make people aware of the effects that alcohol can have on anybody.

A few ways that we can raise awareness is that we can encourage our friends and family members to make small changes like keeping track of their drinking habits. In addition, share tips with parents to help them talk to their kids about the risks of alcohol use. People go through recovery so there is hope for those who are struggling with an addiction today.