In the aftermath of the Parkland shooting in February, many of the students have been making their voices heard about Gun Control and they have been questioning people in power that take large donations from the NRA. While this tragedy has sparked an age of activists, it has also opened these teenagers up to attacks from everyone. Many are calling these teenagers "actors" and saying that they're being paid to talk about gun control.

Who are these teenagers

Two of the teenagers in the news recently who have been using their voice to try and enact a change in Gun Laws are David Hogg and Emma González.

They are students at Parkland High School and were at school during the shooting that happened on February 14, 2018. Both of these teenagers have been using this tragedy and a springboard to speak out about what they believe to be sub-par gun laws. This has led to them receiving hate from people of all ages. The preferred method of attacking these teens has been through social media outlets such as Twitter.

Who is attacking these teens

In this digital age, it is not uncommon for teenagers to attack each other online through various social media outlets but, surprisingly, there are more adults attacking these teens than youth.

The reason behind so many of these attacks is conservative adults only see these teenagers as whining liberals that want to take their Second Amendment rights away from them. Instead of the focus being on the lives that are lost in schools due to shootings, people are more worried about their right to own the guns that take the lives of so many kids.

Many of the reporters and analysts on Fox News have offered up their criticism towards the March For Our Lives movement as well as the teens leading the movement and they have not been shy about it.

What should be done if gun control will not work

One the thing that is frequently brought up, when talking about gun control, is that in Chicago, having strict gun laws didn't help lower the gun related crime rates within the city.

It is often said that Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the United States but that has been found to be untrue. Illinois has strict gun laws but California is rated to have the tightest gun laws. Something that is not accounted for in this argument is that first of all, having strict gun laws in one city of a country will not do anything to change the gun related crime rates. All a person would have to do is leave the city of Chicago and they can legally purchase a gun before going back to Chicago.

Another argument that is often brought up against gun control is that it would punish law abiding citizens and not criminals. If reasoning were accepted, that would make having any laws meaningless because they would just be broken.

That argument is like someone saying that we shouldn't have speed limits, because, in a 2016 survey done by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, nearly half of the drivers said that they exceeded the speed limit on the freeway by 15 mph or 10 mph on a residential street in the past month. Lastly, people are quick to say that strict gun laws didn't work in Australia after they were instated in 1996, yet there is a myriad of evidence to support that homicide rates have gone down and homicide rates with a gun have also gone down.

If gun control isn't the answer(conservatives will say it isn't until their last breath), how can we ever stop this senseless killing of innocent bystanders?