You’ve heard it a million times over, adopt don’t shop, and that saying rang true for us recently. With two dogs, two cats, and four foster kittens (not to mention our two small humans), we thought we were finished putting together our pack. However, a situation arose that brought another Dog into our lives. Seriously, though, who could turn such an opportunity away?

Why did we adopt?

Almost a year ago, I promised my husband I was done bringing in stray animals. When I brought a weak, sickly kitten in from outside, he was less than pleased. He was swayed by my promises to never do it again, and I had everyone (including myself) fooled into believing it.

However, all of that changed when a neighborhood stray was killed two weeks after having had kittens. Of course, with the help of a friend, I saved the kittens and have been bottle feeding them for five weeks now.

Then I saw a Facebook friend had found a dog. I tried to ignore my immediate instinct to offer my services. However, as time went by, I asked my husband if we could keep the dog. This dog is known for her Houdini-ness, and her owner wasn’t equipped to care for her. Her owner stepped up the plate and did the most sensible thing she could, she found a good home for her.

About her

The dog is seriously beautiful, and her personality is beyond amazing. She doesn’t really have a name yet as her previous owner couldn’t find a name that stuck.

At first, she was to be named Bagel since she looked like a beagle. However, after reading her papers I realized she is, in fact, not a beagle. She is a treeing walker hound, and we feel as though Bagel just doesn’t quite fit her personality. For now, we are calling her Lady Bird.

Lady Bird lives up to almost every feature of a hound.

She is strong, yet gentle. So far, she has enjoyed giving hugs and she absolutely loves peanut butter. She seems fairly confused about her new home, but the excitement has already slightly subsided.

Lady Bird has a lot of training ahead. She’s three years old, but I’ve got to teach this old dog some new tricks.

We will be working on things like recall, leash training, prey drive training and basic tricks like sit, lay, etc.

The hope is that with the training she will learn to live peacefully with our entire family.

Welcome, Lady Bird!

We are extremely happy with our decision to adopt her, and I definitely recommend it to others. Puppies take just as much, if not more, training than an adopted dog. When you adopt a dog you are saving it from euthanization and the possibility of going somewhere much worse. Also, Lady Bird doesn’t need to grow with my kids, they will have amazing experiences with her, regardless of her age.