America should really take notice of the new relationship forming between china and Russia.

During a visit by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Russia on Thursday, Wang Yi was reported as saying the two countries were at “the best level in history.” After President Trump targeted trade with Chinese imports, which could possibly cost another $100 billion in tariffs, China created an ally in Russia.

China is now establishing a declaration against the United States. A new order that will distinguish itself and in opposition to America. As General Wang Yi's visit to Moscow comes to an end, Putin has expressed his desire to plan a state visit to Beijing in June.

General Wei Fenghe, China’s new defense minister, who also paid Moscow a visit on Thursday, has humbly accepted the newfound alliance. General Wei Fenghe states that the two countries share many concerns when it comes to international affairs.

According to CNN, General Wei Fenghe stated that “the Chinese side has come to show Americans the close ties between armed forces of China and Russia — we’ve come to support you.”

Signs of Russia and China alliance have always been there

The Russian and Chinese relations have been growing over the past decade, but no one knew just how ardent the relationship was. During UN meetings, the two countries have long supported one another. Sharing common concerns and problems, expressing how those in political power, in Washington, were too aggressive in global affairs and politics.

Russia and China also supported each other on issues dealing with North Korea and Syria. Both countries have recently sought to strengthen their Military Power. China has reformed its military with science and technology and rule-based governance, and Russia has reportedly tested a new missile in early March. Putin described the new missile unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, and that it would leave the NATO defenses “completely useless.”

In recent news of a crisis in the UK, involving a Russian double agent being poisoned, Russia has bluntly warned the United Kingdom.

Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebeniza declared at a UN meeting that the British government is “playing with fire.” China during this ordeal has remained silent.

Where is President Trump?

So far, President Trump has not made a direct statement acknowledging the alliance. The president has also not made a statement about the two countries strengthening their military presence or the potential missile threat.