The New York Times has an interesting piece about Rep. Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat who is running to take Ted Cruz’s Senate seat away from him. O’Rourke, by all accounts, has become the latest heartthrob of Democrats, especially those who have never sullied themselves by actually visiting the Lone Star State. Surely this time O’Rourke will turn deep red Texas blue by defeating Ted Cruz. Sadly, from the point of view of the left, O’Rourke is likely to be 2018’s version of Wendy Davis.

You remember Wendy Davis?

Most people don’t remember Wendy Davis, and a lot of people on the left would like to forget her.

Davis first came to national attention in June 2013 when, then an obscure Texas state senator, she filibustered an anti-abortion bill and managed to kill it during the regular session of the Texas legislature. The bill passed in a subsequent special session, but Davis’s status as a national political figure was secured. When she offered herself as a candidate for governor of Texas in 2014, national Democrats went into paroxysms of joy. Surely she would break the 20-year long lock that the Republicans had on the state of Texas.

Davis had boatloads of money thanks to her popularity with donors outside of Texas. What she did not have were a lot of political skills. She suffered a number of self-inflicted political wounds during her campaign against Gregg Abbott.

Her status as a left-of-center, pro-choice Democrat didn’t help matters either. As a result, the Republican trounced her by over 20 points.

Enter Beto O’Rourke

Democrats are already comparing Congressman O’Rourke to Bobby Kennedy due to his his physical appearance. He is said to be technologically savvy and has ties to the Bernie Sanders movement, though he is also pro-business.

He has a bad boy image because he once played in a punk band, and because he curses at campaign rallies, he should appeal to millennials. He has scored some political upsets so he should be able to do well against Ted Cruz who is suffering in the polls. In short, he is the new version of Wendy Davis.

On the other hand, Cruz knows a thing or two about upsets, having won his Senate seat against a better funded, establishment-backed opponent.

He might have become president of the United States had it not been for Donald Trump’s political skills. Cruz is busily raising money and meeting with constituents at every opportunity. Ted Cruz is taking no chances, even if they look good against a neophyte like O’Rourke. In short, as the Times notes, “The best advice for a Democrat running in Texas? Invite the press to watch you set your campaign funds on fire.” Indeed.