Arnold Schwarzenegger, the movie actor and former Governor Of California, ventured to the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas and said a number of odd things. First, he accused the oil companies of committing “first-degree murder.” Then, he celebrated the #MeToo movement that is sweeping the entertainment industry against sexual misconduct. Finally, Schwarzenegger took some shots at Donald Trump, heavily implying that the president is a Russian puppet.

Suing the oil companies for causing global warming since 1959

The former bodybuilder, action star, and failed governor led off his talk by accusing the oil companies of committing first-degree murder.

The theory is that big oil “knew” since 1959 that burning fossil fuels causes global warming, but went ahead and did it anyway.

Schwarzenegger did not mention who has explicitly died as a result of the alleged rising of the Earth’s temperatures. However, he intends to sue big oil, perhaps to force warning labels to be placed on gas station pumps, motor vehicles (such as the hummer he used to own) and power plants. After all, it worked for big tobacco.

Thank goodness #MeToo started after Arnold’s political career was over

Schwarzenegger also waxed eloquent about the #MeToo movement, sparked by revelations of sexual misconduct by Hollywood movers and shakers such as Harvey Weinstein. The former movie star acknowledged that he was one of those entertainment powerhouses that behaved “playfully” while on movie sets and that the matter came up during his first campaign for governor of California.

However, he suggested that his consciousness has been raised, is sorry for his frisky behavior, and now is all in with the ladies who aren’t going to put up with being molested anymore.

Trump is the Manchurian Candidate

Schwarzenegger also heavily implied that President Donald Trump is behaving boorishly because the Russians are making him do it.

He offered no evidence that this is the case but went all in for the conspiracy theory de jure. After all, how else to explain Trump being elected than the machinations of Moscow?

The former governor also suggested that the Republican Party needs to moderate, citing the dominance the Democrats have achieved in California. He failed to explain why his moderate governorship was unable to stem the blue tide that is currently ravaging the formerly Golden State.

The aging movie actor is slated to appear in a number of movies that are sequels to other films he made when he was still box office gold. A new "Terminator" film is coming out. Schwarzenegger is also due to appear in “King Conan,” reprising the role that made him famous. Finally, he is signed to do “Triplets,” a sequel to “Twins,” which will also feature Eddie Murphy, another eighties icon whose career is not what it once was.