Hillary Clinton has not mastered the first rule of holes, which is that in order to get out of one you need to stop digging. She started by raising eyebrows suggesting at an event in India that she lost because white women are under the thumbs of the men in their lives and that, besides, Trump voters are a pack of racists. The former first lady, senator, secretary of state, and two-time Presidential Candidate has spiraled further into the depths of iniquity.

Hillary is really sorry you were angry at the truth she laid down

Hot Air suggests that Hillary Clinton’s rambling essay on Facebook was not so much a walk back on an embarrassing, insulting explanation for her loss but it was a reiteration of the original statement.

Yes, white women follow their husbands lead in politics and Trump supporters are racist bigots, but she didn’t mean anything by stating it.

All of that blather caused the talented but often morose Kat Timpf to opine in the National Review that Hillary hates half the country but cannot bring herself to admit it. Hating a lot of people from whom one wants votes is a serious impediment to getting elected if one cannot conceal that particular ire. Hillary’s husband likely hates a lot of the people she does, but he was more capable of hiding it.

Hillary thinks that the last thing we need is President Ivanka Trump

Hillary Clinton was recently asked what she thought of presidential daughter Ivanka Trump’s alleged ambitions to become president.

She dismissed the idea, suggesting that America certainly does not want another “inexperienced” Trump. Of course, she didn’t think Donald Trump had a chance at the Oval Office and look what happened.

To be sure, Ivanka has not climbed up the modern cursus honorum, that series of elected and appointed offices, which most politicians pass through on their way to the presidency.

However, noting that Hillary checked all of the right boxes and still got beaten thoroughly by a loud mouth businessman from New York, one wonders if Ms. Trump’s lack of political experience is a feature and not a bug. She has met with some success in business, both inside her father’s organization and in her own right. She has been an advisor to the president both during the campaign and in the White House.

Best of all, Ivanka Trump is a far more pleasant person than her father and Hillary put together. Give her a few years, with maybe a cabinet position in the future Ted Cruz administration, and she might become the first female president. Hillary, if she lives that long, will see such an event as the final indignity. Her ire would be the cherry on top.