Hillary Clinton, former first lady, former senator, former secretary of state, and twice failed presidential candidate, ventured to India, of all places, and poured out her hatred of middle America in such a way that has rocked the political world. Still bitter at her election loss at the hands of Donald Trump, Clinton has decided that many Americans who voted against her were just not worthy.

White women are put upon wimps

Clinton noted that the majority of white women voted against her. She suggested that the reason for their non-support was that the men in their lives, husbands, bosses, and sons, browbeat them into voting for Trump.

Why this alleged dynamic did not happen with minority women, Hillary Clinton did not mention.

Trump supporters are racist

Clinton trotted out the old canard that Trump won by stoking racial fears among his voters. Trump supporters, according to her, hate the idea that African Americans are getting rights, women (including those put-upon white women) are getting jobs, and that Indian Americans are succeeded more than they are. In effect, Trump voters resented the success of other people.

The areas of the country that voted Trump are ‘backward’

As Hot Air mentioned, by “backward” Hillary Clinton did not just mean economically, but culturally. Economically depressed areas of the United States, in her view, voted Trump.

The prosperous areas voted for her. Clinton did not glom on to the idea that people who have been beaten down by elites might not support those people who they feel have been oppressing them. People who “cling to their God and their guns” might not be too enthused about politicians who disdain both.

What Hillary Clinton revealed

Much ink and bandwidth have been expended on how horrible a person Hillary Clinton is and what a clueless politician she comes across as. Many politicians must secretly harbor hatred and contempt for the hoi polloi whose votes they are forced to ask for. Most can conceal those ill feelings and at least pretend to have the common touch.

Hillary’s husband was able to feign empathy as quickly as he breathed and he was elected president twice. Hillary Clinton always came across as a repressed schoolmarm who terrifies her students.

The tragedy of Hillary Clinton was that she craved more than life itself, the presidency of the United States was denied her by a man like Donald Trump. Trump, for all of his personal failings, knows how to project the common touch and to make construction workers and coal miners believe he is their friend. The difference is that the president who is all about the deal is delivering, as the job numbers who seem to indicate. Clinton will never understand that aspect of Trump’s success and her failure.