Donald Trump wanted to make America safe from illegal migrants and drug smugglers who used to enter the United States from Mexico via the openings in the fences. Some of these entry points were natural ones like rivers, others were breaks in the existing fences. In order to plug all possible loopholes, it was necessary to have a new border wall that would be strong enough to act as a deterrent for those who tried to enter illegally.

The Washington Examiner reports that eight border wall prototypes have been built in San Diego and President Trump will be visiting the site to inspect them.

However, he is not likely to announce which of these would get the final nod. In November, a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security had hinted that the president could announce the winner during his visit but that may not happen.

Testing is a long process

The specifications that had been identified by Donald Trump for the wall were very rigid and testing and further certification will take time. Four of the border wall prototypes are made of concrete and the remaining four of non-concrete materials. All the prototypes are located in San Diego. According to US Customs and Border Protection spokesman Carlos Diaz, the testing, evaluation, and assessment of the prototypes had started in end November.

It was initially expected to be completed in a couple of months but that has not happened. The finalization of the design is a long drawn process and is not yet completed.

Incidentally, the final design for the wall may be a mix of the eight designs because the intention is to have an impregnable wall that will prevent illegal immigrants from crossing over the boundary.

The local topography and geography will have to be taken into account and the end result must ensure that Border Patrol agents who protect the border are equipped with the best tools.

Funding for the wall is a problem

CNBC reports that the cost of building the border wall is estimated to be nearly $22 billion over a three-year period.

During his election campaign, Donald Trump had said that Mexico would pay for the wall but there is no indication to that effect as of now. Obviously, taxpayers will have to share the burden and the White House has asked Congress to release $18 billion toward the wall over the next 10 years. At present, the United States has a 2000-mile border with Mexico and only a small portion of it is fenced. The 30 feet high prototypes have been constructed in Otay Mesa border, San Diego, and actual work on the wall is yet to start.