On the 22nd of February, Donald trump addressed the survivors of the tragic shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida. He suggested that the best way to stop shootings is by arming the Teachers who should be adept at handling a gun. Inshort news reported that Trump said if the teachers had guns then it would have been a cakewalk for them to stop the attack and it would never have come to this dreadful situation.

The attack went on for 3 minutes but since the police only arrived after 8 minutes they were unable to save the students. If the teachers had been proficient with guns they could have easily stopped this incident.

Trump also desired to strengthen the background verification process and he has given notice that the age limit to buy guns will be raised. On February 21, Trump announced that a memorandum was signed by him to implement regulations for banning bump stocks and also modifications for increasing the price of semi-automatic fire rifles.

Names of the survivors who attended the event in the White House

This event was attended by six students who faced last week’s gun shooting attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School situated in Parkland, Florida. The survivors were accompanied by their parents and the Mayor of Parkland, Christine Hunsechfsky.

Parents who were also part of the meeting shared their experiences

Two parents, Nicole Hockley and Mark Barden, who lost their children during a gun shooting incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School also attended this event. They have managed to form a group which attempts to prevent this type of gun violence. This event was attended by students, parents, and teachers from Thurgood Marshall Academy, three Washington D.C schools, Parkmont and Friendship Public Charter School.

Trump first expressed his condolences and then suggested that teachers should learn everything they can to protect their students in the school.

Trump later added that it wouldn’t be fair if other people also go through the same pain which these attendees have faced in the gun shooting attack.

Trump, as promised, sat with a large number of people on the meeting and gave valuable suggestions.

Attendees shared their views on Trump’s suggestion

In the meeting, the President asked the attendees what was their view about his suggestion to arm the school teachers. Meadow, the 18-year-old sister of Hunter Pollack who was killed during the shooting said that if the teachers had a gun at that time, then they could have save Meadow’s life.

Some other people in the meeting disagreed with Trump's suggestion. Hockley said that it would be better if the teachers had potential to stop these kinds of attacks unarmed.