Donald Trump made his way to Las Vegas on Wednesday, just days after the single worst mass shooting in American history. In response, critics of the president were quick to sound off.

Trump in Vegas

On Sunday night, Stephen Paddock, a 64-year-old resident of nearby Mesquite, Nevada, opened fire onto a crowd attending the third and final night of Route 91 Harvest Festival outside of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Over an 11 minute spam, hundreds of rounds were fired from Paddock's hotel room that was located on the 32nd floor of a hotel near the concert area.

By the time law enforcement made their way to the scene, the shooter had already taken his own life. As of press time, 59 deaths have since been confirmed, with over 500 innocent civilians being left injured. The following morning, Donald Trump gave his thoughts on social media and then during a speech at the White House. However, the president did come under fire and was forced to clarify his remarks about the shooting being a "miracle." As seen on his Twitter account on October 4, Trump returned to Twitter to announce his arrival in Las Vegas.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Donald Trump tweeted out about his stop in Las Vegas following the aforementioned mass shooting.

"I will be landing in Las Vegas shortly to pay my respects with @FLOTUS Melania," Trump tweeted, before adding, "Everyone remains in our thoughts and prayers."

Trump clarifies

On Tuesday night prior to his stop in Nevada, Donald Trump addressed his comments about the Las Vegas shooting being a "miracle." "It is a 'miracle' how fast the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police were able to find the demented shooter and stop him from even more killing!" Trump tweeted out after facing massive backlash from reporters and across social media.

Twitter reacts

In response to Donald Trump's trip to Las Vegas, critics wasted no time lashing out on social media. "You can respect the people who lost their lives in Las Vegas simply by respecting the fact that we need more stringent gun laws in America," one tweet read.

"You are & will continue to be a failure until you recognize that science, facts, & evidence should be paramount defending our great nation," Howard Forman posted. "Haven’t they suffered enough?" another Twitter user wondered.

"Since you have no empathy, I predict you're going to 'joke' about how you're happy the shooter didn't use your hotel to attack the concert," an additional tweet added.

"Find another way to express your sympathies. "Warm Condolences" doesn't cut it," yet another Twitter user noted. As the backlash continued to pour in, many Americans expressed their disdain for how Donald Trump has handled the shooting in Las Vegas.