Robert Mueller is in the news. Toward the end of his career, at 73, he has been asked to head the probe into the Russian connection. There was wide anticipation among opponents of Trump that this investigation will lead to something substantial. Many hoped that the investigation would reveal the extent to which Trump won the election with Russian support. In other words, a "Russian connection" of Trump and his administration would be revealed. Nothing of that sort has happened and now the Guardian has revealed that the Grand Jury has indicted 13 Russians for interference in the election.

At the same time, it has not identified any American who was involved in this attempt to influence the election. Donald Trump has castigated the jury and the FBI and pointed out that he had never said that there was no attempt at Russian interference in the election, but that he or his team had nothing to do with Russia.

The investigation

CNN has reported that the Justice Department has come out with a statement that the election results were not influenced by any Russian interference. Also, the fact that Mueller has not identified any American involved with the Russians, the entire investigation appears a waste of time and unnecessary cost to the exchequer. Trump had all along been saying that a Russian investigation was not called for and he is right.

Many are wondering that in case the Mueller investigation has not been able to pinpoint any American involved or the Russian connection had no effect on the result of the election, then what the hell was he investigating. It appears to be a colossal waste of Public Money. A simple inquiry could have established these facts.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump would be a much-relieved man as all along he had been castigating the so-called "Russian connection" as a "witch hunt." Mueller's failure to establish anything substantial regarding interference of Russia and the end result of the election can only be termed a Damp Squib. Many will be wondering what the hype was all about if, in the end, all he has done is to indict 13 Russians.

Last word

One singular fact has emerged. Mueller has not been able to establish that the result of the US presidential election was influenced by Russia. He has also not been able to establish that Trump or anybody from his team was in cahoots with Russia. So, what was he sitting on an investigation for? The Dems and opponents of Trump expected something substantial to emerge and many had fond hopes that this would lead to an impeachment of Trump. One can only say that if "wishes were horses then beggars would ride." Trump is alive and kicking and more secure as president.