In the midst of the government shutdown, people have become even more curious about how President Donald Trump spends his day -- or at least his mornings. Anyway, as reports have it, the president is basically ruled by his favorite news channel, Fox News; while tweeting and seeking validation from supporters as well as calling staffers and lawmakers who appeared on TV.

Mental state

While to many, constantly watching over your back maybe paranoia, I say, not really since it's not like the whole day per se. Seriously. after all, you are the president and you should know what's really going on and what's being said even if it's still on the tip of their tongues.

It's not about snuffing the lights out of those who speak ill of you but about getting the feel of where the country really is at the moment. More so, if there is any sort of potential danger to life and liberty.

Making America great again

This though is quite intriguing and so misunderstood, President Trump says he wants to make America 'great again' yet he spends a great deal of time getting back at his critics. So, how can he do good when he is so focused on the bad?

Then again, think about this. How could you climb a mountain when there are people pulling you down?

Policies should say it all

At the end of the day, it's the policies that should speak for President Trump, his beliefs, what he is fighting for.

Like, is it really for the country, for the people of the United States? Or is it just for his ego?

If it's really for the country, logic says, "listen to your people."

Now, this does not mean to devote all of your time to answer your critics. You have got to get to work. You are not in some talk show or something. However, this is something the president should realize -- all the hatred and dislike that were thrown at him only means one thing -- that he is misunderstood.

Of course, the president really means well for the country yet Americans hate him, and so it only means he is simply misunderstood.

The president should revamp his communications team and its structure. He should set up some kind of Agency that is in tune with the times and that would disseminate accurate information especially regarding crucial programs and stuff -- moreover, give him more detailed information on critical issues for better decision-making. In short, President Trump should stop responding to critics himself and rather let this agency do it for him. Be productive and not belligerent and then you can make America great again.