Welcome to the premiere edition of Make Book On Itwhich is a series that offers an independent inspection of the latest literary offerings.

First off the shelf is, “Why Do We Never Repeat Jokes?” by Ramzy Sweis.

The book is written by Ramzy Swei, has 45 pages and was independently published at $9.99

'Why Do We Never Repeat Jokes?'

The Orland Park, California-based self-styled “Arab Comedian” poses many questions in his current book “Why Do We Never Repeat Jokes? At first glance, your scholarly scribe was uncertain what to make of Sweis. But a few pages in, everything became clear.

Sweis is trying to find common ground with an audience that perhaps is not only different from him but are individually different from each other as well. He's the modern-day version of a "wild and crazy guy." Sometimes you may laugh with him and sometimes you may laugh at him. He doesn't care. In fact, he doesn't care if he is the only one laughing.

So don't expect to understand every joke. Don't even expect every line to actually be a joke. Sweis is attempting to relay to the reader his personal perspective about life, love, and happiness (among many other things.)

The book is a cornucopia of assorted issues including religion, cultures, humanity’s priorities and more. From a unique, light-hearted, sometimes punishing perspective that is both foreign and familiar yet neither angry or obscene.

This is Sweis raw and unedited.

It’s a mixture of stand-up and stream of consciousness. One can almost hear him at times perhaps searching for the right word and yet forging ahead without it anyway because he knows if the readers pay close attention they will still catch his drift.

He quotes famous authors, humorists and even a songwriter or two.

It helps the reader find common ground. He may have come from a different culture but you know from the start that he too sometimes marvels both in a positive and negative fashion at humanity today.

An entertainer who can grab our attention

The reader can all understand that he wants to entertain. He wants to show you who he is.

He wants to find a way to grab your interest in an era where our attention spans are growing shorter and shorter as our technology grows more and more advanced (and somehow both personal and impersonal)

Get it? If not, read the book. You will.

In fact, if you made it this far in the review and grasp the point being made, then you should be able to appreciate Sweis. Ramzy Sweis already knows something the reader may not. He does, however, drive the point home with “Why Do We Never Repeat Jokes?”

The truth is that one needn’t have mastered a language to make someone smile. Make Book On It.