Donald Trump had a tough week as the retail store Nordstrom dropped his daughter Ivanka's clothing line. At about the same time, the daughter of Senator John McCain let loose a volley at Donald for criticizing her father. Trump attacked McCain after he had commented that the raid by the navy seals was not an unqualified success as one seal was killed and 3 injured. In addition, a helicopter worth $75 million was lost. These comments incensed Donald, who tweeted that McCain had lost the habit of winning and was always a loser. Earlier also, Donald commented on McCain and stated that he was not a war hero as he was taken as a POW.

Such comments called for a reply and Meghan has given back to Donald.

Meghan McCain replies

She tweeted that Donald never served in the armed forces and this is a fact. Donald avoided serving in the army and got 4 deferments as a student and one deferment on medical grounds, though in 1966 he had been declared medically fit.

Proud heritage

meghan mccain was born in 1984 and is the eldest of 4 children of Senator McCain. She is a woman of substance and a career woman in her own right. She is a doting daughter, and published a book on John McCain: " My Dad, John McCain." She once confessed that she had been so busy on the election trail that she never had time for a romantic relationship.

Meghan is proud of her military heritage, and tweeted accordingly.

Supporting father

She is clear that nobody has the right to degrade the service of her father.

In a possible reply to an ex-Navy seal-turned Trump supporter, Meghan McCain also had this to say in response:


Probably in the years to come, we will hear more of Meghan McCain.

She is not in the limelight, as her father lost the 2008 election to Barack Obama. But with Trump tweeting his comments about McCain she has been compelled to answer back. Though her father has not issued any response to the attacks himself, his daughter felt that she was doing the right thing in defending her father. She may be a rising star in the years to come.