In the first installment of this Triadic approach to nuclear Doomsday, I got as far as the third value in the universal short list of things we should all be working for and moving toward — democracy. The reason for considering democracy in relation to nuclear doomsday is because democracy is universal whether a government is or not. All democracies are imperfect. Where they do not exist, they should. But underneath all of this is the fact that every person alive has democracy baked into their very being. Really?

Democracy is not just majority rule, it is fairness to all.

It requires the rule of law. It is the impulse within all of us to a sense of entitlement that is fair and just. The reason it is universal is that the way reality is set up, persons are the first and last resort. Ideally, power would be set up to ensure full equality. The next best thing is a democracy that works to establish a fair shake for all.

Moving forward

In our cyber-connected world, any individual voice can be heard. Any individual's freedom can be manifest. This means that the defeat of the logic of doomsday could lie in a child in Antarctica or a nonagenarian in the Philippines. Even before virtually universal connectivity, we have seen images that spoke to all. We will move forward in this century by messaging.

Messages from everywhere and anywhere. We have already concluded in the first article in this series that nonviolence must become the watchword of our efforts.

Aesthetic actions

The third stage of our consideration is the acts and expressions that come to us as we conduct an inner conversation with whatever we take to be the highest power we can have.

It can be a dream or an urge or anything that reflects the ethical input we have considered thus far. In my mind, the expressions and actions I come up with are all related to a single word. The word is nonviolence.

It is no secret that Triadic Philosophy sees a messaging revolution as central to the activism that will mark this century's seismic move from binary to triadic thinking.

The central place of nonviolence has always been understood. Nonviolence is not the province of a select movement of those who care. We are all entitled and destined to care, no matter what our past or present may be. Triadic Philosophy strikes suddenly whenever someone simply stops and asks for the guidance necessary to get out of whatever trap one is in.

Some Images

I see children inundating the president with home videos that talk about nonviolence under the title "If I could make the world over". I see someone taking these and creating a stupendous YouTuube channel. I see from the imaginations of people everywhere a flood of communications that have nothing to do with bots or organized campaigns or fund-raising or anything but simple commitment. We want a nonviolent world. Violence is within all of us. We can say no to it. It's that simple.