Whatever happened to thrift? It’s practically a crime. You are not living unless you have a little debt. Never mind those who are reeling under a load of unpaid bills?

Where did efficiency go? It simply means things like taking fewer steps to reach a destination and doing things in good time. Today were are daunted by any process you can name.

Is it level-headed to have a society that is mired in debt? Some experts say it is unsustainable which means trouble ahead. Does debt make the world more peaceful? The US spends a large portion of our taxes for interest on the impossible debt we have made part of our so-called economy.

Basket case

Today the economy we have is created is a Basket Case.

When we speak of it we do not use terms of unbridled admiration. I suppose investors are an exception but they had best avoid videos about the great crash that was produced by laissez-faire policies in 1929,

A better way

Triadic economy would not be a basket case. It would make the pillars of expenditure ventures that lead to prosperity for all. Two of these ventures are the offspring of helpfulness which is, with democracy and tolerance, a cardinal triadic value. Help consists of a helping hand, education, and enablement.

There is nothing that generates wealth like education and enablement. Education is in need of radical reform because it presently leads to elitism, polarization, and debt. Enablement needs to be as prevalent as education and it could be.

But today it is off to the side and far behind.


We will improve when we move to triadic thinking which admits ethics and aesthetics into the process of acting and expressing ourselves. For example, the most radical move to recover economy in a good way is to say no to debt entirely. Doing this is impossible in today’s bad economy.

But it should be a goal and an option for those who can shoulder it. The most progress will come when we shelve the two models that dominate the world at present – capitalism and communism. Why? They are unjust, they limit freedom, they burden and are cruel.


I propose we take the liberal values of Triadic Philosophy, tolerance, helpfulness and democracy, and wed them to what is coming rapidly down the pike.

What is coming is the world Buckminster Fuller imagined. It is a world where work as we have known it will be gone.

Creativity will flourish because every home will have the capacity to print out the future. Thinking will improve because individuals will move in droves from mindless culture to offerings that make triadic values common sense. Love will improve because its energy will not require the trafficking and cruelty that is inherent in today’s corrupt and polarized economies.

Cyber-liberalism replaces neo-liberalism. Grass-roots governance balances necessary macro-functions. Spirituality replaces religion. The field levels, diversity remains, justice improves.