.Candy is a tasty treat that a lot of people love to consume. While it may taste delicious, it is important to limit the amount of sugar to be eaten, because consuming it puts teeth at risk for cavities. For holidays, people receive candy as presents to celebrate the holidays. Parents out there need to make sure to limit the sweets that the kids eat as they can get severe cavities and risk getting diabetes. Candy is okay once in a while, as long as healthy food is eaten to maintain proper diets.

Warning if candy is eaten more than healthy foods?

Candy is eaten every day. A lot of people like to eat sugar because it tastes good and it makes people feel happy. Eating too much does damage to the body. If too much is eaten, people risk having heart problems if the heart pumps too fast with all the sugar in the body system. People need teeth to chew foods and to have great smiles. Candy makes teeth filled with cavities and the enamel will be weakened, so teeth will not look so attractive. According to KBTX, rinsing the mouth out with water after eating and before brushing your teeth reduces the risk of cavities.

Some people like to celebrate holidays by eating candy. It is okay to eat to celebrate, as long as it is limited while eating other healthy foods.

Every Halloween, there are children who like to go trick or treating. The kids who love candy need to understand that limiting candy is healthy. All the sugar can easily malfunction the kidneys. Kidneys need to work so blood in the body system is healthy. Without working kidneys, people risk death. If people want foods that contain sugar, then pies, cakes, or similar pastries are to be eaten sparingly and still keep the teeth clean, although not healthy, but better than candies.

Even pastries can be better than candy, as eating fruits and other healthy foods are the key to living a healthy life.

People who enjoy candy and Junk Food can easily get addicted. I think being addicted to junk food is as unhealthy as being addicted to cigarettes. Sticking with junk food can lead to health issues like heart problems.

Try to eat foods that are good for your health. Being healthy is important. According to ABC News, overindulging treats can cause cavities in children in the short term and eventually develop diabetes or similar heart problems.


Celebrating by eating candy or other sweet treats is okay occasionally. Consuming healthy foods makes life easier.