After her magnificent speech at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, January 7, 2018, I must admit, I felt like a soldier preparing to go into battle or a young footballer braced to take the field. Yes, that bandwagon bumped into me. I almost climbed aboard. I think a great many Democrats did. We have been worn out! Many are desperate for a message of hope. So desperate, in fact, that a lot of us seem to be willing to forgo the use of logic and follow blindly as if following a guru in a cult. Never mind that Oprah never once indicated a desire to run.

In fact, I believe her “battle cry” was mostly for abused women.

But even if it was for all of us, it was in no way an indication that she desired to be president. We need to examine, as a nation, what is happening here. Information moves at the speed of light these days, and that is not often accurate information. So when someone gets a bad idea, it can, and often does, go viral. Then, in the flash of light — humanity collectively loses some intellect.

Oprah Winfrey is a good orator

About the woman, Oprah Winfrey I know little. She is a billionaire. She was, evidently, once so poor that she had to wear potato sacks. She went from that to being almost as wealthy as Trump, except that she can still get a bank loan just about anywhere and doesn’t need to seek aid from the likes of the former Soviet Union.

That is something! It is also something that she is an incredible orator. She is very empathic and, as such, is easily able to tap into the hearts of many different types of people. She may, for this reason, be able to succeed at winning an election. Especially once you factor in the gullibility and/or willingness to suspend logic of the anxious masses.

That is where my faith ends.

Oprah is also a promoter of anti-vaccination woo

I want to remind the reader that Oprah Winfrey, though savvy in business, made her initial millions off of unsuspecting, blindly trusting, not too bright watchers of daytime talk shows. She has promoted the dangerous ideas espoused by the anti-vaccination movement which have led to a drastic increase in cases of whooping cough and measles within areas of the United States.

I am just not sure if she actually believes it. But I do not believe she is what we need. We are clouded by a desire for a return to order. The climate is all out of whack. We have a bigoted, racist, malignant narcissist leading (if you can call it such) the free world. What do we do?!

I know that I greatly desire that people would learn to heed the warnings of their own cognitive dissonance. It occurs when we are mired in anxiety and someone sounds or feels as if they might be the solution. This disconnect between what is real and what we desire it to be is what makes people behave stupidly. It seems as if they forego the use of their prefrontal cortex(logic) in favor of their amygdala(emotional/lizard brain).

I knew a coach who gave a good speech. Where were the calls for him to be president?

I knew a billionaire who is a jackass and became that's out as well.

So what are we left with when it comes to Oprah? Anti-scientific "woo woo," feel good BS. We’ve had a “reality” TV president. Are we seriously considering a daytime talk show presidency?!

I think our Democracy is on the verge of collapse because of the ease and speed with which bad information and warped opinions are able to travel and multiply.

Society is heating up in a volatile manner. What we need now is not nearly the same as what it was when our Democracy was formed. I think we are devolving.

Worshiping wealth and celebrity is something that was done in Rome right before the fall.