Quantum physics is a hobby of mine and while that may sound presumptuous, it isn't. I should clarify by stating that it is the theory that fascinates me, not the math. D-Wave computing and Artificial Intelligence entered my world a few months ago. I Googled new technology and was soon off and running, introduced to a system possibly creating a better reality for mankind.

Using matter at the atomic level

The biggest names in technology are working together to make the D-Wave computer available to those who can afford the new system. While the computer itself is still out of reach for most people, those in the know are building a cloud system where computers and artificial intelligence can meet and grow: A think-tank of non-biological minds setting a new course for humankind's future.

The latest wave computer costs $15M and uses quantum transistors to solve problems regular computers cannot. At the atomic level, matter acts very differently than it does in our perception of reality. It is safe to say that our reality, in many ways, is the subatomic world slowed down enough to see. Yet, by observing, reality is changed, and hooking up those theories with quantum computing and artificial intelligence is challenging to say the least. Yet, I have learned it is not impossible.

Quantum computing, as of this moment is still not universal as this type of computing is designed to solve only a few specialized problems. Bringing in artificial intelligence to interact with quantum computers raises the bar and the outlook.

Imagine a world where a computer can design drugs specifically for you and the illness you have. Not drugs for the masses, not cures for those with common diseases, but a cure made biologically for you and you alone. The perfect cure.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality integrates digital information with a person's environment in real-time.

This is not virtual reality, which is an artificial environment, but your current, ongoing reality is made better with digital integration through quantum computing enhanced with augmented reality. Confusing? Not really.

No more computers, televisions, or smart phones, just your own augmented reality D-Wave computing system that will overlay digital information to assist you in creating whatever it is you need at any given time.

It is a world few have considered possible and we are on the cusp of enhancing reality now. Think headsets, glasses, or even embedded chips that can bring answers in seconds to those wearing the devices. Hands free or not, this is the future, but it remains to be seen if the future is now.