For a lot of people, making such a query regarding Albert Einstein is blasphemous, heresy or just outright insane. Who am I to challenge the legendary genius of the twentieth century? How many peer-reviewed papers have I authored? He has been typified as the scientific genius and there is no questioning his contribution to science, but, and this is a big but, even geniuses can be wrong. Albert himself, it is alleged, felt that his work would not be remembered through the annals of time. Did he really doubt himself so or was he just trying to be humble?

We will likely never know. I personally believe that if he had access to the data we have now that he would have changed his mind when it comes to gravity. According to his correspondence with Immanuel Velikovsky, just before he died he was planning some experiments to test Velikovsky's ideas pertaining to an electrically driven universe.

The problem with gravity

The problem I have with Einsteinian gravity is not in the mathematics but in the interpretation of the mathematics. Physics is about that which is physical and if a thing isn't physical it tends to be metaphysical and for the most part, the two do not meet nor do they move between these realms. Let me explain. Space is a location in three dimensions - x,y,z, or height width length, and being so it is a concept without physicality.

Time, and this is contentious, is simply change, and it is not dimensional. Can you point in the direction of time? Unlike the vectors x,y,z, you cannot move back and forward through time, you cannot remeasure time, therefore asserting that time is a dimension is mistaken as it is something unto itself and there is nothing else like it.

Both time and space are non-physical concepts that Einstein reified into the space-time fabric which can react to matter(mass) but has no baryonic signature. To me, this sounds a lot like the luminiferous aether proposed by Maxwell, Steinmetz, Hertz, Tesla, Lorentz, and many more of the electric philosophers of the 19th century due to the wavelike properties of the electromagnetic spectrum.

It is alleged that Einstein admits to replacing the aether with his space-time fabric in a lecture in Germany, of which, I do not have confirmation. It should also be noted that the Lorentz equations Einstein used were originally derived to explain the luminiferous aether.

Part of the reason I believe Einstein went down the gravity path he did was that of the null result produced by the Michelson-Morley experiment which tried to measure the aether. Too many have interpreted this null result as disproving the aether, but in truth, a null result really says that a hypothesis is neither proven nor disproven. There was not a significant result that could be interpreted either way. Another reason Einstein took this route was at the time it was erroneously believed that space is a vacuum, a void, and being such there is nothing else there but the matter(planets, asteroids, comets, etc) that had been empirically observed.

Today we now know that space is alive with magnetism and cosmic rays, solar wind, and plasma to just name a few.

The electric universe

You will often hear from physicists that yes there is electricity in space but due to it being nearly balanced between charges it is neutralized. There are two things wrong with this assumption. First is that electrical potential is determined by an imbalance in charge and if it is "nearly balanced" then it is imbalanced and thus has electrical potential however minuscule it might seem. The other problem with this is that one could say between the cells of a battery you have a balance of charge, but if you were to connect a conductor between these opposing charges you would get an electric current.

But wait you say, there is no conductor in space to connect the opposite charges. Oh, but there is. Plasma constitutes 99.6% of the observable matter in the universe and is highly efficient as a conductor with virtually zero resistance to electric current. Discovered by Irving Langmuir he named it so because of its lifelike ability to develop cells and Hannes Alfven, a Nobel laureate, showed that plasma can form into what he called "double-layers" that essentially acted as a capacitor, allowing charge to build up. At a conference on plasma physics in 1982, Hannes Alfven gave a lecture calling for a paradigm shift in cosmic plasma physics away from the gravity model.

The consensus model of the sun is a century old model based on the notion of a nuclear core.

There are far too many holes to this theory for me to discuss them all in this article, suffice it to say the data does not support the theory requiring many ad hoc amendments. Radiating from the sun is the solar wind in a manner described as a "ballerina skirt" by Hannes Alfven. This is the Heliospheric current sheet and it carries a total electric current of about three trillion Amps. (3×10^9Amps) Many space agencies and cosmologists report discovering "magnetic ropes" connecting the sun with the Earth or Jupiter with its moons. All references to magnetic ropes mean there is an electric current present for without a spinning dynamo it is the only way to produce a magnetic field. And its high time I mentioned Kristian Birkeland who first proposed the presence of electric current only to be mocked and ridiculed by consensus science.

It would be many decades later that he would be vindicated and such currents became known as Birkeland Currents.

The fact that most cosmologists do not see the electrical phenomena for what it is is simply because they have been taught to believe something else. I am reminded of the Max Planck quote regarding new scientific truths requiring old scientists and their beliefs to die off so they can be taken up by young scientists. But this isn't a new scientific truth, it is an old truth that was swept under the rug and is now once again coming into prominence.

In a future article, I will explore electric explanations for black holes, neutron stars, pulsars and more.