The popular opinion of the day is that Global warming (GW) is man-made, that carbon dioxide (Co2) produced by man is trapping heat causing the world to warm up. A wealthy elitist popularized this hypothesis with Hollywood connections, former vice president Al Gore, that resulted in the creation of carbon taxes, to which Mr. Gore now trades in carbon credits. This belief of man-made GW is so pervasive that dissent upon this belief tends to result in ad hominem attacks and spurious associations with big oil. But is this belief based on sound science?

Does Co2 a greenhouse gas trap heat? Is humanity to blame for climate change. In a word, no, no and no.

Science versus Politics

The first thing one needs to consider is that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a political body not a science body and this becomes clear when one reads the mandate of this organization that defines its purpose, "understanding the scientific basis of risk of human-induced climate change." This is science by agenda and as such has resulted in bad science for the agenda denies any research that does not support this belief and based on this one can be assured that IPCC science is not worthy of belief. Which then begs the question why? Why would they lie to humanity about the present state of climate change?

What is to be gained by such a deception especially since there is far more profit in big oil than there is in trading carbon credits?

As the GW deception was taking place, concurrently there was also much propaganda claiming that the world is overpopulated, that the human population needs to be reduced. This too is agenda-driven science and is based on U.S.

consumerism which has five percent of the world's population consuming 25 percent of the world's resources. Many of the wealthy elitist families promoting this overpopulation propaganda have a history in promoting eugenics, of wanting to limit the reproduction of those they considered feeble, unfit. Does this overpopulation agenda have something to do with the GW agenda?

What exactly is the UN's sustainable development project? What is the most effective way to cull a population?

Cyclical Patterns

Global warming was real though it ended 20 years ago. So too Global Cooling is real, and this is the state of the world's climate as I type this. Hundreds of new low-temperature records have been established already this winter, and we still have a couple of months to go. Snow in the Sahara for the second year in a row is just one example out of many where places are experiencing cold not known in our lifetimes. Many independent researchers have been ringing the alarm bells of a coming Ice Age largely due to the grand solar minimum which sees the sun's energy output decrease.

While there is still much to question regarding the science, for science is never truly settled, such an ice age would be devastating and in the words of one of these researchers, "will cause death and destruction of biblical proportions." And this is the crux of it, for by having everyone prepping for GW, few will be prepared for global cooling never mind an approaching ice age.

If all this is true and accurate, then it is clear to me that global warming is the greatest scientific scandal of the modern era