There are a lot of rumors and chatter going on nowadays that many people are worried that they will lose their Jobs because of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is believed that the time is not far off when robots will take over the jobs of humans in every possible sector.

With so many recent and quick developments in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics, people have started getting afraid of losing their office and factory jobs to robots. It is assumed that robots can perform human tasks in a better and faster way and without costing much.

Should you really worry?

The answer to this question is “probably not” and the reason is because of a study conducted by the Center for Leadership Insights (CLI) at Russell Reynolds Associates.

Earlier this year, they examined the way administrative, finance and management workers carry out their tasks. The data of 103 different jobs and 1,880 tasks performed under these jobs was looked at, and it was assumed that these tasks will be disrupted or replaced by artificial intelligence in future. It was assumed that these tasks will be redesigned or modified for better utilization of technology, or remain as they are now.

In the analysis, there were two outcomes –

  1. Some of the 1,880 tasks already had a technological substitute present. For example, ATMs, online payments, self-checkout lines and their impact on bankers, retail workers, etc.
  2. Most of the 1,880 tasks had an unclear future. It was not sure how technological advancement and job tasks will emerge in future. So, in this situation, two questions were important:
  • Is there a requirement for human interaction in the task?
  • Is there a requirement of an application of judgement in the task?

If the answer to both above-mentioned questions is 'NO,' there is high probability that the task can be replaced by artificial intelligence in future.

If the answer to one of the above-mentioned question is 'YES' and another one is 'NO,' then there are chances for augmentation or disruption. And when the answer to both the questions is 'YES,' it means that the task will require an application of judgement and human interaction simultaneously. Therefore, this kind of job will remain in the hands of human beings in the foreseeable future.

The real answer

Despite all the fearful talks all over the world, the truth is that most of the jobs won’t be replaced by artificial intelligence in the coming future. However, many jobs will see a significant modification so that the result of a task is precise. In the end, people won’t lose their jobs to artificial intelligence but they will surely get rid of doing mindless and isolated tasks. Finally, people will get a chance to do activities of high-value and increased efficiency.