The trump Blackmail story isn't just that he may be a complete Russian pawn due to extenuating circumstances that could drive him from office.

Let us remember how the man was elected. He had the aid of a zillion Russia-generated bots and who knows what other big and little actions that Putin could have dreamed up. And he had a base that would have no problem with an icon that simply shows someone armed and dangerous and on our side. Such an icon identifies the second part of the blackmail story.


Here's the truth. Putin is just as mad as Trump is.

Smart mad for sure, but mad just the same.

Trump was a mark before he was a blackmail victim. But unless you know what is happening right now, you are missing the story. Just as most of us missed the election.

The equally important and presently ignored story is about the campaign to turn America into a place where that icon of uniformed brute force (ICE or Putin's) is able to walk our streets and byways with impunity.


My source for this conjecture requires you to take the same journey I just took. It was to Quora, the site where you ask any question and maybe get answers. Here is what I found. Read and understand.

But there is more.

This question and answer unpack like this. The question is right wing supposition about Jones seeking to become sort of like Hillary "lock her up" jargon. The answer I have published here understands Trump's potential to be dictatorial. But not entirely.

Whole story

The truth we are considering is the hypothesis that Trump and Russia is nothing new and that regardless of what he did or did not do in Moscow that is lurid, he is subservient to Moscow.

He cannot accept that, of course, so he sees it as friendship, in the best possible light.

But there's more. That hypothesis must be linked to current Trump efforts to hamper the investigation of Robert Mueller.

If I am right, the current efforts represent a stepped-up effort by Russia to assist Trump in moving us toward the very dictatorship that is evidently OK with Trump, OK with many Americans, and requires only a few more steps to become a slamming door we cannot say we did not see coming.

Why is it essential for the New York Times, which is the key to whether a story has legs, to bend its investigative abilities in the direction of the blackmail story? I have already indicated, in the story I have linked to above, that the newest NYT columnist has said blackmail is logical in Trump's case.

The blackmail story may well be true. If it is, it explains why we are not in danger because of Trump alone. He has allies that could include even more than Russia.

There is much more to this story. But the premise of this page is a good starting point.

Add up blackmail evidence and Russian interference with the Mueller investigation and just see what you get.