President Donald Trump is on his first ever tour of Asia and he has made comments on a wide range of subjects. Some of those comments have not gone over well with North Korea and it has retaliated by saying Trump was instigating a nuclear war in the Korean peninsula.

A spokesman of North Korea’s foreign ministry has labeled US President Trump as a person who wants to destroy the peace and stability of the region and added that he was pushing the world towards a nuclear war. The spokesman also hinted that the country would not shift its focus and would continue to go ahead with its programs related to the development of nuclear weapons.

Trump cautions Pyongyang

Daily Mail UK reports that, while addressing the National Assembly of South Korea in Seoul, US President Donald Trump described the regime of Kim Jong-un as a sinister one. He also remarked that North Korea should not test the patience of the world and called upon the global community to boycott the country and isolate it in totality.

Donald Trump has spoken his mind and criticized the situation prevailing in the country. He has also cautioned Kim Jung-un that the nuclear weapons he was acquiring would put his regime in grave danger. In his words, it was a sort of nuclear blackmail which the world cannot accept, and the Pentagon could take suitable action to neutralize any possible threats of a nuclear war.

A solution must evolve

North Korea has been carrying out testing of its missiles on a regular basis and it is evident that the performance of the weapons is improving. However, it has been lying low for a while, which could be a result of the sanctions imposed on it by the United Nations.

Donald Trump has suggested, during a press conference in Seoul with Moon Jae-in, that Pyongyang could explore possibilities of arriving at a solution with the West.

It should halt the activities connected to weapons of mass destruction and participate in dialogue to resolve its burning issues. That is a better option than pursuing activities that could lead to a direct confrontation in the form of a nuclear war.

Pyongyang has tested quite a number of its missiles in the recent past with the last one being in September.

In the opinion of experts, Kim Jong-un's objective is to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that can reach the American mainland. The United States is aware of the threat and has already positioned warships in the region as an assurance to its allies. However, the leaders must avoid engaging in a war which would lead to loss of lives and large-scale destruction of valuable assets.