Kim Jong-un has been unusually quiet for a long time with no missile test to prove its might or vocal outbursts against the United States or Donald Trump. This was most unlike him, especially when America branded his country as a sponsor of terror. Kim did not react to the branding, neither did he warn the US and its ally South Korea on the joint military drills.

According to Express UK, North Korea could be planning a surprise before Christmas. A Washington D.C. based think-tank has even identified 17th December as the date when Kim could take some major action that could have far-reaching consequences.

This date is significant because, it was on this date nearly six years ago that Kim Jong-Il passed away. He was the father of the present leader Kim Jong-un.

Basis of the prediction

There has not been any activity reported on the missile front from North Korea for nearly two months which has led to speculation on the reasons for the sudden silence. It has puzzled international monitors and, experts believe that Kim Jong-un is planning to surprise the world before Christmas. There are fears that he could launch a weapon of mass destruction after an annual military exercise in December. The think-tank has indicated a probable as 17th December.

North Korea is a secretive country, and its leader Kim Jong-un is unpredictable.

He is determined to destroy the United States. He has set his sights on a few probable targets in Alaska, Hawaii and Guam and has also warned Japan, an ally of the US, by sending missiles flying over the island of Hokkaido. In order to keep up the pressure, he has threatened to detonate an electromagnetic pulse EMP device that could paralyze America.

Nuclear war must be prevented

The situation is tense and volatile. The United States has positioned its warships in the Korean peninsula and has tuned its allies South Korea and Japan to its frequency to tackle any threat from North Korea. However, a confrontation with nuclear weapons would be disastrous. Kim Jong-un must realize that his people will also suffer in case of a war, and he must keep his fingers away from the button.

Leaders of the world cannot remain silent spectators any longer. They must play a positive role to defuse the situation that could be spiraling out of control. Kim has proved his strength, and he must now be brought to the table for discussions. The destructive nature of a nuclear bomb is there for all to see in Hiroshima, and a repetition must be avoided.