If we look within, we are aware first of a chaotic mix of things floating about. This is reality. If we think a bit something emerges. My day. My love life. What next? This little action is Called letting a sign appear. It is the beginning point of Triadic Philosophy. It is followed by a bit of ethical analysis and then some musing and, ideally, a result. The result might be an action or an expression. Something real to us, something measurable.

But we are always in a Fix, sometimes caused by us sometimes caused by others. It is the root of our problems.

It has to do with how we think.

Slave or free?

Slavery is despicable. We agree on that I think. But we enslave ourselves whenever we fail to think consciously. We condemn ourselves to act without thinking. All you need to do is apply that situation to accidents you have been involved in, and you may be brought up short. We recognize that mindfulness, now a new age buzzword, is of major importance.

If we do not allow consciousness a place in our mental existence, we act by rote. We see things as challenge and response. We see options as nonexistent, either yes or no. We are philosophers nonetheless. Because all I am describing is mechanistic, binary thinking. We are in a box. That is the fix we are in.


All we need to do to see how binary functions in our world is to take oppositions we accept without thinking and see how confining they are. Male and female, black and white, physical and metaphysical, life and death, strength and weakness. You can carry this on. I am not saying that these terms have no meaning. Of course, they do.

But when they underlie dualistic thinking they result in the formidable errors pf nominalism.

Nominalism is the notion that we are the beginning and end of things.


Triadic understanding sees everything as a spectrum. It sees that there are many ways of understanding things. Above all, it sees that we are all part of a reality that has some basic rules.

These rules exist whether we accept them or not.

This is understood as realism in philosophy. This is why Triadic Philosophy is revolutionary but avoids the pitfalls of both idealism and utopianism.

The revolution lies in insisting that philosophy is a universal capacity in every human being. It is why my answer is always that we must begin any solving of any problems with a consideration of tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy. Getting fixed is this simple. Try it.