Note that my little pooch friend in the image above is not smiling. But neither is he or she daunted.

Yes, there is some vulnerability, but that is OK -- all of us are always vulnerable. I chose this image precisely to make a triadic point. By triadic I mean something that lives with complexity, confusion, ignorance and yet manages to flourish. My friend above is as alright as can be. The pooch is surviving. This person can think. Who knows what his or her day may bring?

There is more to this. We are a Spectrum, and it makes some difference how we think about that.

Big swings

I was anxious as a young man. The more cause I had to be happy the more anxious I became. I was frightened of something.

I now see that we do not have as much control over things as I thought then. I now see that the key to being OK is not to eliminate the entirety of who I am. It is not that I accept all of myself equally. It is that I am OK with what is there. And dammit, at the bottom, I am gonna stick with it. And be a trifle proud even.


That pooch is not smiling. You do not need to smile to be in a sweet spot. You do not even need to feel things are OK.

If we had to feel things are OK, on this day, we would probably need serious help.

Being in your sweet spot means having a spring in your sense of things. It means not being afraid to feel anything at all. It means knowing everything may collapse, but you will still be you. It means hanging tough with a light heart.

Look a second time or a third

I suppose that is the end of "Gone With The Wind" when Scarlett says, "Tomorrow is another day." But I also like the affirmation in the puppy's somber eyes.

It says to me to always look again.

Triadic Philosophy is the opposite of Trumpism. Trumpism says things are this way or that. That is hardly inclusive.

Triadic Philosophy says there are many sides to everything and some you will never know. When Triadic Philosophy makes decisions that lead to action, it asks whether the action will be tolerant, helpful and democratic?

These are not the questions that seem to inhabit the president's mind.

Sweet doing nothing

Italians have a delightful phrase -- dolce far niente! It means sweet doing nothing. To be in the Sweetest of spots means you are not attached to some fixed sense of how things must go. You are happy doing what you are doing. It is a little like Nietzsche's amor fati -- Latin for loving your fate.

We are in the US poised on something of a precipice. I am inclined to suggest that if you are not confident in the direction the White House is taking, look to the pooch.