Just a few weeks ago Republicans, especially in Washington, had concluded that Roy Moore was an unacceptable person to be in the United States, which is saying a lot considering who has been a United States senator in the past (yes, I am thinking of Teddy Kennedy and Hillary Clinton.) After all, the man has been accused of chasing teenage girls while he was in his 30s, something perfectly acceptable if one were living in the Middle Ages but not in Alabama of the late 1970s.

However, some things have changed. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who had been plotting ways to expel Moore should he be elected, has concluded that his fitness or unfitness for office is best left to the people of Alabama.

Then, President Donald Trump, who endorsed Moore’s opponent during the primaries, has just approved Moore on the principle that the GOP needs his vote in the Senate. Several reasons exist for this flip-flop.

No new allegations have arisen

For the past several weeks, no new women had come forward to report that they had been crept upon by Moore when they were sweet, innocent teens.

Also, reports that Moore had been banned from a mall and had signed someone’s yearbook are starting to become dubious at best. Both of these factors have caused Moore to rebound in the polls as the candidate steadfastly denies everything. Many in Alabama have concluded because they want to vote for Moore and then sleep at night, that some or all of the women are not telling the truth.

Al Franken is still in the Senate

Unlike Moore, we have photographic evidence of Al Franken’s behavior toward the ladies. More women are coming forward to talk about how handsy the senator has been, primarily when he was the most unfunny comedian in American history. And yet he remains in the Senate, and there seems to be no serious effort to get him out.

Previous Democratic senators included Teddy Kennedy, who left a woman to die, and Hillary Clinton, a rape enabler. Republicans have concluded that there can be no standard for Democrats and another for Republicans.

The Senate Republicans really need Moore’s vote

It has been hard enough to pass anything, even tax reform, with 52 Republican senators. How much more difficult will it be with 51. In other words, Roy Moore is likely to win his special election to become a United States senator and the Republicans will swallow their disgust and welcome him into their ranks. The anger of the Democrats will be unending, of course, but they have only themselves to blame for it.