When buying Headphones, I specifically look for a few things before buying them. This can include cost, sound quality, durability and comfort. After using dozens of headphones myself, I have selected one specific pair I have fallen in love with and need to tell you all about. These are the DNA model headsets made by the critically acclaimed audio company, Monster.

The Monster DNAs

For starters, these headphones look great. A common saying states presentation is key, and Monster has nailed that aspect of design. The headphones have sleek curved edges, and various well-contrasted colors.

The device has adjustable ear pieces shaped as triangles, giving it a fresh, modern appearance. The foam pads that go over the ear look comfortable and small, not to mention the stylish flat cable connecting the device to your phone. The headphones are also small and adjustable, so you can keep them around your neck when you aren't using them, or fold them up to throw in your bag.

They are durable

The DNA headphones are amazing quality-wise. Firstly, the device is super durable, and can take a beating, functioning fine afterwards. The hard plastic and metal shell provides great protection for the compact, well designed internals.

They have amazing sound quality

The sound quality blew me away, considering its size, it was amazing for listening to services like Spotify and Google Music.

The frequency range was more than sufficient, and you can get the most out of bass and treble in every song. Even for listening to CD’s, the Monster DNAs do their job well. The headphone also features two audio jacks on each ear piece, so you can change the side the wire is plugged into. This is great for left-handed people like me, and disconnecting the device when you are commuting.

Also, a detachable cable is clever because when it breaks, you only need to replace the cable, not the entire headset itself. The headsets are also comfy, and can be worn for hours before you need a break.

They have great value

FInally, we have the best selling point. The price. Monster DNA’s can go for as low as $50 on sale, and $100 in most retail stores.

The value is unbeatable, and headphone like it usually cost over $200. In my case, I have been using the same pair for over two years now, and it still works fine. This means for only $100, you can get a pair of high end headphones with amazing sound quality and a great appearance that will last you many years.

In retrospect, for the time being, the Monster DNAs are my favorite headphones on the market. Firstly, the price, quality and appearance are beyond amazing. In the end, I think this device has more value than most Beats, Bose, and Sony headphones, and should be a definite addition to your household gadgets.