Our entertainment companies and entertainers have descended into a pit of narcissim, creating an everything goes mentality by abusing and harrassing women and children. I read today that the so called witch hunt, their words not mine, continues with Dustin Hoffman and his kidding on set. I, on the other hand, get to sit on the other side of the television and watch entertainers pick up awards — but only after they have told me how to vote or after listening to them spout off on political issues when they can't even control their own hands.

Giving thought to where we are going

I don't intend to offend anyone, but when libraries host Drag Queen Story hour I admit to having a problem with this society. I get that my problem doesn't count, but hey, could we keep in mind these are children? Even my friends who prefer the same gender have issue with this. When I was five I dressed up as a cowboy and on occasion a horse. I don't think I was species confused nor did I think of myself as a girl or a boy or a horse on an every day basis. I just had an active imagination and I believed it when my teacher said I could be anything I want.

If I wanted to be a cowboy, I grabbed my holster, went outside, and played cowboy. When I was a horse, I didn't need people to address me in a horse-specific pronoun.

I was a horse for heaven's sake. I also lived in a ton of different time periods, but that's what kids do.

On a rational basis, of course girls are born in boy's bodies and boys into girl's. Sometimes genes get mixed up, but it's not the kids fault. It's a chemical reaction of a person's DNA and I am sure as the world moves on there will come a time when a person can choose to have a genetic modification or not.

This is not about intimacy or a personal lifestyle choice when you are five. It is science.

The definition of civilization

A civilization is an agreement among a group of people with similar beliefs and interests to act lawfully with each other. In America, our morals came from a group of people who fled England and came to America with the sole purpose of setting up a country free of religious discrimination.

As a new country we had laws that we promised to honor and as we evolved, other things came to light that needed improvement. These things include slavery, women's rights, and the age of consent. It took a war, but we did away with slavery. We moved the age of consent to 16 and women, I thought, were liberated.

People evolve, civilizations evolve, and it is a good thing to look back and see from where we came. It is the only way we can leave our stamp on future generations, hoping they too will not make the same mistake. Yesterday I read an article where the writer expressed their belief that young boys and girls should have the right to consent to intimacy with older adults at the age of 10.

He framed the argument on the fact that the age of consent was 10 in times past. It was quite clear the man simply hadn't evolved and should be restrained from interaction with civil people.

When Kevin Spacey came out the other day, he downplayed his actions against a 14-year-old. I think he has his perspective wrong. The story was about pedophilia, not a preference for men... No matter how he wants to frame it. When news stations picked up on his explanation, I finally understood that the entire world had gone insane. What Spacey did do, is attempt to destroy the love a man can have for a man by using it as a support for adults who prefer children.

The power of men

The 1990s played havoc with women's liberation thanks to Bill Clinton.

I would frame my argument with friends based on the reality of harassment and in some cases, sexual abuse. They would have nothing of it. They thought Bill Clinton looked presidential and all these women were liars. After all, he was a democrat and Hillary was liberated. What?

Bill Clinton had multiple accusations of harassment against him and when it was overlooked, every single woman on this planet was harmed. No one had the guts to stand up and say it was wrong for a powerful man to harass or coerce a woman. It was also okay for a powerful man to seduce a young intern in his office. After all, she was of legal age and his position had nothing to do with it. Women were relegated back into the kitchen from that moment on.

Hillary Clinton claimed it was a right-wing conspiracy, but it wasn't. Bill Clinton used that power against women and Hillary Clinton, a perfect co-dependent supported him every step of the way. She wanted to be president and had to prove those women were trailer trash. A powerful message was sent when President Clinton walked away without a scratch and when Hillary didn't hold him to account. The message said that powerful men can get away with anything.

And they do. Just read the news today, oh boy.