Almost as if he was trying to emulate John F. Kennedy's introduction of his wife Jackie as "the woman I accompanied to Paris," President Donald Trump introduced his wife Melania as "the star of the Trump family," according to CNN on Tuesday. Trump also denoted the fact that Melania was a big hit in Texas on a recent trip there. As the President described it, "They love her out there." Trump then continued, noting, "We walked all over Texas, and they're loving Melania." according to CNN on Tuesday.

The First Family was the subject of much consternation last week as they rushed off to Mar-a-Lago to embellish themselves in extreme luxury while Vietnam War veterans live in cardboard boxes in cities, towns and rural communities throughout America.

In contrast to the Obama family that served food to people at Washington, D.C. homeless shelters on Thanksgiving while living in the White House, the Trumps were seen by many as selfish and aloof to the needs of others. As if to add insult to injury, President Trump endorsed alleged child molester and Alabama GOP Senatorial candidate Roy Moore before leaving for Mar-a-Lago.

Melania most popular Trump

In a recent CNN poll, Melania Trump was ranked the most popular of all the Trumps. Forty-four percent of the respondents answered that they favored Melania; whereas 35% of respondents expressed an unfavorable view of her. In contrast, President Trump was rated favorably by 41% of respondents, and rated unfavorably by 57% of respondents.

Ivanka Trump was rated favorably by 41% of respondents and unfavorably by 41% of respondents as well. Rounding out the bottom was Ivanka's husband Jarad Kushner who was ranked favorably by only 20% of respondents, and unfavorably by 39% of respondents. Melania's favorable ratings had improved since last February when only 24% of respondents rated her favorably, and 31% of respondents rated her unfavorably.

At that time, 21% of respondents replied that they had no opinion of her, most likely because they still needed to get to know her a little more before deciding how they felt about her. The "no opinion" ratings have decreased to only four percent, meaning that as the "no opinion" respondents got to know Melania a little better, they generally liked her.

The role of a First Lady

Generally speaking, the role of a First Lady is to soften the President's "rough edges" and offer a more "human" and "nurturing" face of the Administration to the nation and to the international stage. The First Lady is a diplomat, an official and unofficial hostess, a spokesperson for a cause that she adopts and promotes nationwide, and "chief cheerleader" for the President. If she is young enough to have young children, her most important role is that of a mother, and she sets an example for parents across the nation in the rearing of her children in the public eye.

In 2016, America came very close to having its first, "First Gentleman." Had Hillary Clinton been elected President, Bill Clinton would be "First Gentleman" right now.

Obviously his role would have been slightly different than that of a First Lady for two reasons; 1) He is also a former President and no First Lady has ever been a former President to date and 2) Although he could set an example as a father, he never could set an example as a mother because he is a man. However, there is no doubt that he could have served as a diplomat, an official host and "chief cheerleader" for the President.

Back to the real world

Despite the eloquence of his attractive, elusive, French-speaking wife who steals all the attention when making international appearances with her boisterous, ill-mannered husband, 'the Donald' has to return to reality and face the real world. And he must hold his "feet to the fire," so to speak, because his number one critic in the Republican Party, outgoing Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, is holding hearings on the President's power to unilaterally launch a nuclear war.

Many observers believe that Corker may run against Trump in the 2020 GOP Presidential primaries. And one can be certain that this time, the GOP primaries will be about something a bit more substantive than Marco Rubio's comments on the size of Donald Trump's hands.