Saturday is one of the most anticipated days of the week. We labor throughout the week and then rest on Saturday. For some people the days pass by, often without achieving anything meaningful. However, it's worth noting that Saturdays can be used to achieve so many things that will bring favorable returns.

Should Saturdays be wasted?

I don't really like to waste my Saturdays. You should not lie in bed all day long because it's Saturday. You can use the day wisely. I use my Saturdays to address issues that I may neglect during the week. I use them to make extra money to put toward transportation during the week, and use them to do my laundry, and many other things.

It's the perfect day to keep your house in order. In my opinion, Saturdays should not be wasted. You should try your best to make use of every day you are given, and make sure you make them count.

How to make proper use of your Saturdays

There are so many Ways in which I make proper use of my Saturdays. Below are a few examples:

1. Doing the laundry: It is the perfect time to wash and keep all your clothes in order. You can iron them and keep them in your wardrobe to stay organized.

2. Visiting a friend: We all have those classmates and colleagues we rarely have time for. What if we were to use Saturdays to hang out with them? You can put smiles on their faces -- and yours too. You can even discuss some important issues that will broaden your knowledge.

3. Make some money: You can do some work for your neighbor and earn a few dollars to spend during the week. You can even get part-time jobs or on-site work to do and earn a few dollars on a Saturday. You can even do some jobs on the internet.

4. Visit a place of interest: Rather than staying at home, try visiting your places of interest on Saturdays.

It can be the cinema, mall, park, or even an eatery. Make memories and take pictures to remember them.

5. Go online: You can use Saturdays to rectify some issues online. You can check your email, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. You can even try creating and updating a blog on Saturdays.

6. Keep your house in order: Saturdays are ideal for cleaning your home.

Remove cobwebs, do the dishes, clean the toilet and bathroom, and make sure the sinks are in order. Clean the sitting room because you might have been doing that carelessly during the week. Trim the flowers if there is a need to do that. Take care of your pets, too, and make sure they are comfortable.

How do you spend your Saturdays?