Let’s say that NFL players on average are aged 22 - 32 years old. Then let's presume that the superstars or brand name players on the team are in their 20’s, on average. Kevin Clark a writer for the Ringer, outlined in a Sept. 2016 article, that some NFL teams hold large salary slots for about six players on their team. It is fair to say that that is about how many young millionaires are on an NFL team today. The rallying cry from owners is “you cant pay everyone.”

NFL players millionaires club

I have taught school. In schools you have cliques. You have these cliques because kids will be kids.

Well, I don’t know about you, but when I was in my mid 20’s I was still a kid. Here’s my point. Some of the young millionaires on NFL teams may have clique like communities among their teammates. After all, how many in your circle of friends are making $10 million a year?

The fortunate NFL stars in these clique communities may have brands to protect; their own. Once a millionaire twenty-something has developed this 'brand’ and achieved ‘greatness’, in their minds, they are not happy when that brand is dragged down. Quite frankly, it can cost them millions in future income.

NY Giants: A record bad season

The New York Giants have a record of 1 and 8 this year and have looked really bad in their last couple of losses to the Rams and 49ers.

Some 'Deep Throat’ characters on the team have seen fit to let members of the media, like Stephen A. Smith, sports gossip personality extraordinaire know, that they believe, the "coach has lost the locker room”, or "coach has lost the team".Hmm, I feel bad when I’m on a losing team, but I still like the competition, and I play my hardest for the team and myself.

Sound like a lesson you learned somewhere in your formative years. NFL‘kids’ that have become millionaires are light years from remembering that life lesson. Some of them are still children and act like it. I am all for firing the Head Coach of a losing team after careful consideration of whether they should have a chance to turn the team around, or not.

And, oh, by the way, that is a management decision.

However, I am not in favor of the few on a team with ‘cultural capital’, and media pull, to create a mutiny. It shows disdain for teamwork and sportsmanship. It shows selfishness. And last but not least it shows childishness. When the millionaire players on any team I follow start to think they are running the team, that is when I will go to ‘Pickle Ball’ full-time. Have fun #Cleveland Cavaliers!